Right. First bookshelf built. Only a half dozen more to make. And fences. And a bike/yard shed. And a compost bin. Looking forward to gradually knocking off these projects!

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@djsumdog but it's been a long time coming - lots of measurement, lots of thinking, lots of sawing, lots of sanding, lots of varnishing (and more sanding) and then last night a somewhat frantic process of mounting it (breath held when drilling into the wall that I'd find a stud - luck was with me!), balanced on boards with clamps to get it the right height and level. But now, job down. Phew.

@djsumdog and I was chuffed to make use of the LED light strips that I've had for a few years!

@lightweight I'm jelly of your yard. I'm in a high rise building again, but I'll probably move out come 2021. I miss having a yard.

@lightweight Interesting design of the shelf. It seams like everyone just makes the shelf flush with the carcass, but having them protrude makes a lot of sense.

Why not have a third column of cubes to fill more of the space to the window?

Don't get me wrong, great work. Just interested in some of the 'whys?'.

@LovesTha thanks! And all fair questions. Most the protrusion was a combo of wanting a "light looking" shelf (the full depth seemed oppressive in my sketches) and conserving material (made from a singe sheet of ply) with a bit left over for another couple projects like a step stool.

The lack of a third column of cubes (I may still split them with a shelf in each for storing legacy CDs and tapes which I have in abundance under a bed) was to keep the desktop feeling spacious 😎

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