@lightweight It is hard to find factual fault with the article.

And I love the vampire sign off.

@LovesTha I'd be happier if it wasn't so grim... but sometimes the truth just isn't pretty, no matter how you look at it. This is one of those times (and will continue to be). My main worry is what happens with the US' gun epidemic when things get really desperate, as appears it inevitably will... :(

@LovesTha righteous ignorance + guns + massive inequity doesn't have any good outcomes.

@lightweight It could have good outcomes, just not good ways to get there.

@lightweight One the one hand it is easy to believe that this pessimistic view is entirely plausible, particularly if the leadership doesn't change substantially soon (November is a long time to wait for elections and then the long weeks of lame duck governments).

But then people have been predicting doom since they understood the concept of 'the future'.

@LovesTha Hmm... and that's the problem with unprecedented things... they haven't happened before, but there's no reason they won't... And sadly, re the change in gov't, the US is only slightly less screwed with Biden at the helm. It'd mostly be a symbolic victory (which, I suppose, shouldn't be underestimated). But the US multinationals (the real existential threat to the world) will be happy either way.

@lightweight Assuming this is the start of a death spiral, Biden at the helm is a prerequisite of the remaining 10% chance of recovery that doesn't look like the worst country collapse the modern world has seen.

Required, but not sufficient.

@LovesTha I wish the US wasn't so stupid about Sanders. Sure, this would be the biggest challenge a politician's ever faced... but frankly, I'd put a helluva lot more money on Sanders than Biden...

@lightweight Without a Biden victory I'll be happy to assist in anyway I can to assist even passing acquaintances to acquire visa's to get out of the US.

Sadly too many extended family in the US wont be voting that direction :( But their is still time for their choices to change.

@LovesTha Yeah, I'm lucky that I had the opportunity to leave the US 25 years ago (and could see a storm brewing, even then). I feel horrible for the folks left there, without choices, and without equity.

@lightweight I like that I could flee to the US if I needed to (wife is a US/AUS citizen), but I don't see that as being likely.

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