Listening to, seems to me like a strategic scenario planning failure by tertiary education. Everyone knew something like Covid19 would happen eventually. Those institutions to get their shit together, identify their existential risks, plan how they'll mitigate them. No time to lose.

The Foundation I work for is *giving away* all our OERs (open educational resources) - & our low-cost, efficient, online software stack

*those institutions *need* to get their shit together.

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Lots of handwringing & righteous indignation... but really, the tertiary sector was caught with its pants down. The pain involved in this shift to online learning is a failure of governance & leadership.

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In particular, the mis-investment in IT. They've spent buckets of money on all the wrong stuff. They could easily have a world-class system today for what they've spent outsourcing education technology to overseas multinational corporations, locking themselves into inflexible proprietary software.

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