At this point, I no longer feel it is merely morally permissible to violate copyright, but rather one’s *moral duty* to subvert the vast majority of copyright. “Intellectual property” is a thoroughly disgusting Orwellianism.

We have entered a period where a samizdat underground is necessary to sustain the basic facets of civilization. And public education is a central pillar of the commonweal.

#Torrent every goddam thing.

@Shufei Anything in particular that just disgusted you in regards to copyright?

Personally I'm enjoying & promoting truly independant fiction that isn't relying on at least the worst of these laws. I'm loving what I'm finding!

@alcinnz The copyright cabal going after Internet Archive. Despicable. Absolutely shameful. Libraries should be temples, whether online or off. They should be the centrepiece and pride of our species. Their doors should swing wide open for all comers, both writers and readers. Any society which undercuts the Library has lost the aegis of Heaven.

@Shufei @alcinnz

A number of writers I've generally thought of as good people (e.g. N.K. Jemisin), have been coming out hard against the Internet Archive and its 'violation of copyright'. While I do think that authors certainly deserve a decent living (i.e. more than most of them are making now), I really have a problem with that position.

On a bright note, one very good author I like (Rivers Solomon) came out strongly on the other side, saying: "While I profoundly appreciate people buying my books - it's literally why I'm alive - I am happy that my work is very likely available on pirating websites. Individuals accessing my work for free is not what hurts me as an artist. Capitalism does that just fine all by itself." [ ]

(After seeing this, I bought another copy of her _An Unkindness of Ghosts_ to send to my brother.)
Screenshot_2020-06-13 Rivers So…
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