I find myself disgusted by the humans who can decide that their private profit supersedes the inestimable value of f irreplaceable objects of historical significance. The selfish arrogance is staggering.

@lightweight in some countries, like Italy, this would not be allowed (I know because it's my job). So it's not just corporations seeking profit, but also social and political entities and systems that allow this kind of economic freedom to destroy everything else.

@steko yes, in colonised countries like the US and Australia (among many other places), it seems that the value of indigenous heritage is often disregarded. That needs to change.

@lightweight New Zealand seems more respectful towards indigenous heritage, based on my limited knowledge. So it's quite possible even for colonised countries to move in a different direction, but not without a culture shift


At least the poor sods were lucky enough (in relative terms, of course) to be colonised by the #English and not by the #French or the #Spanish, both of whom to this day show blatant disregard for native cultures and extremely jingoistic attitudes.



The British did the same, but were subtle about it as is their wont. They were not better even in relative terms.

@steko @lightweight


Same thing in #Libya, they used to do a great job of preserving and studying their #heritage (which is richer than I could have ever imagined).


@lightweight this goes right alongside the Taliban shoot-up of the giant Bamiyan Buddha sculptures.
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