Fascinating to see how we're treated because Google doesn't yet have our new street or address on its maps. Food delivery & couriers failing. Online services requiring addresses are baulking. Very frustrating. These services depend on Google Maps/Addresses, but Google offers no guarantees about timely updates. Rather worrying the degree to which these proprietary dependencies emerge. Should be an open gov't service! has had our address/street for months, since I added it.

@lightweight I've heard from those government people. Absolutely noone has an up to date address database. They try!

@alcinnz well, yeah... but we pay our council *HEAPS* to get our building plans, etc. certified, as did the folks getting the site consented... seems like those processes should include additions to the cadastral DB *and* propagation to relevant mapping services. Using Google Maps for services is folly, though. They're all care, no responsibility.

@lightweight I believe google import the data governments give them pretty quickly. And corrections to the data supplied by users get used fairly quickly. Pity adding user supplied data isn't so good

@LovesTha I think outsourcing this increasingly business-critical cadastral info to foreign commercial interests rather than the gov't managing it is a recipe for disaster.

@lightweight @LovesTha

here in the UK Royal Mail /should/ update a new address within about 5 days -- although they are privatised, the quality of the postcode/address file is directly regulated by Ofcom (our Communications Ministry).

I'm not sure exactly what agreement Google have with Royal Mail to exchange data, but they do seem to update things fairly quickly.

A lot of British organisations (both private and public) do increasingly use OSM for cartography..

@lightweight A little glimpse into the future, if the Centralized Google decides not to like you anymore.

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