Will the current crisis finally be the thing that breaks us of our "growth" addiction? We need to be thinking about doughnuts. (see Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics - )

Our focus should be on prosperity and quality of life, not growth. Most gov'ts are actually presiding over fragile ponzi schemes - I hope that much is now clear to us all.

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@lightweight It's too late for us to aim for sustainability. Decline is now inevitable. Our only choice now is to strive for damage control.

@space_cadet @lightweight ... and maybe, hopefully, thinking about what should "come after"

@qcat @lightweight
The main reason why I love Star Trek is because of the idea of the Vulcans. They used to be like humans, ruled by their passions, then they nearly destroyed their planet and themselves and the only thing that saved them was a strong leader who advocated that all of them adopt logic and reason as the only way to live. Any who disagreed buggered off and became the Romulans. But the Vulcans became sensible and powerful. And they survived.

@space_cadet @qcat Interesting thoughts (I'd forgot that Vulcan and Romulans were a fork of the same species... )

@space_cadet @lightweight For me the truly hope-inspiring message of Star Trek is that humans have achieved an egalitarian, affluent and democratic global society *before* we destroyed our planet's ecosystem.

Although we did apparently render humpback whales extinct 😓

@qcat @space_cadet (giving this a star doesn't include the bit about the Humpbacks :( )

@lightweight The growth talk is about the early stages of pulling the economy from the ground. It is barely relevant at a later stages of it's development.

@lightweight This model even has, a cool name — #sigmoid function, a.k.a. the logistic curve.

@lightweight Moreover, this very same function describes the behavior of operation amplifiers, essentially the building blocks of all the electronics (conceptually, it doesn't make much sense to consider individual transistors, if only for optimization).

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