A wee reminder to the folks diving into Zoom, Slack and other "free" proprietary services... remember, they can & do change their terms at their whim, suddenly. If you build systems around these tools, realise you'll eventually have to pay through the nose or work out how to bear the pain of changing your systems to a more cost-effective option in future. I can guarantee it.

@lightweight I hear you there. My wife and I have to use some of those for work unfortunately but I've been using anything but them in my personal life. Used Jitsi to talk to my fam recently and last night to a dear friend, so I've been super happy with it.

@greyor yup, it's excellent for small groups (up to 5-6). BigBlueButton is the thing to use for groups up to 100... :)

@lightweight yeah, I mostly just use it for one-on-one stuff. BBB would be nice too, but I just never have that use case now that I'm no longer teaching.

@greyor amusingly, we've been making our NZ-based instance available to all comers, but so far as I know, the biggest group we've had is about 30 people at a time. Big sessions are pretty rare (because they're hard to wrangle).

@lightweight I bet that would be fun. Do you all have a scheduled hangout or something? I'd be down sometime. I haven't done much with video chat in years, so it's kinda new to me.

@greyor our "Community Room" is almost always open and available for testing, and I tend to hang out there to answer questions when I notice someone there (I do miss folks from time to time, thought, as I'm doing a lot of dev/sysadmin stuff, too). But drop in to - maybe message me here to let me know you're going to if you want so say gidday.

@wxcafe @riking Jitsi Meet is excellent... for up to 8 participants in a conference call. Its network model doesn't really allow it to scale beyond that. BigBlueButton, on the other hand, supports ~ 100 in a call (maybe more, but we haven't tested ours to that number yet). It's also open source, and superb. It's easily on a par with Zoom, but doesn't require any software install. In many ways, it's better than Zoom.

@lightweight @wxcafe oh, were you using the public server or self hosted? the public server is throttled such that it fails at ~10 people in a calll

@riking @wxcafe I usually use the public server, but have my own one, too.

@riking @wxcafe but I'm mostly using one of the BigBlueButton instances I run...

@lightweight oooh yeah that seems good too

(context: work for a forum provider, working on integrating video call embeds into topics)

@riking yeah, we've got about 100 folks able to make rooms (each with up to 100 people participating) using our these days. It seems to scale amazingly.

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