Suddenly finding yourself working from home? Pressured to buy into a bunch of new Cloud services that "everybody else seems to be using"? Most of the hype is just that. We've been working from home for years, and our entire tool chain is open source software: You, too, can maintain your personal & organisational autonomy and avoid being sucked into future proprietary cloud lock-in (which is what the hype merchants are hoping you'll succumb to).

@lightweight Wasn't aware of the NextCloud polling - thanks! OpenETC has been using but we're using NextCloud more and an integrated option is very convenient

@grantpotter Yeah - the polls functionality works very nicely. I'm a fan of Framasoft in general, but seems like polling is quite a small app requirement :)

@lightweight OpenETC has entirely distributed leadership and decision making do this polling will be useful for not only getting meetings in place, but also a means to green light decisions outside of meetings

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