Reiterating an earlier offer to folks in NZ (and overseas as well): before you slide further into the digital oblivion of MS Teams and Zoom, consider using open tools. Here in NZ, you can have pro bono access right now to chat - and video conferencing - - both just require a modern browser, no software install. Easy peasy. All data & the services are onshore in NZ, thanks to sponsored hosting from !!

If you want to try our BigBlueButton instance, just go to in Chrome/Chromium/Firefox/Brave - no software install needed. It just works, even for bigger groups!

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@lightweight What instructions did you use to install the BBB server? I used their recommended OS/release, and yet the instructions failed on some module, and again on how to install Mongo. The auto script fails, too. What did you find was the path of least resistance? Thanks!

@lightweight much thanks @lightweight Can I use your bbb to try and teach for the next 3 to 4 weeks ? Could you please help me install an instance in Belgium ? Could you point to a good documentation (the best for you) to install, configure and maintain BBB ? I'd like to continue by email. Mine is

@lightweight thanks. What is the easiest and cheapest way to have a BBB server running to host meetings and teaching for schools (let's first 10 classes of about 20 to 200 students). What is TURN about ?

Thanks. Could you share a salon that i could manage to learn ? Much thanks

@npettiaux Parts of it are on Docker (like Greenlight), other parts not.

@lightweight My local Toastmasters club has suggested trying out Zoom to have our meetings go virtual during the pandemic period. Is the NZOSS BBB instance an alternative option for us?

@jsparknz You'd be welcome to give it a try, for sure. We need to give it a good stress test - how many folks do you reckon would be involved?

We're a pretty small club, so probably only about 10-12 people.

@jsparknz go for it - I'll send you an invite if you can DM me an appropriate email - then you can create your own room for the group

@lightweight hi Dave, could I have an invitation for bbb, I'd like to be able to use it to support my local residents association to have meetings, considering three on the committee are over 70! and also for the covid19 community support we have planned. For ref:

@lightweight how is it possible to be allowed, as Belgian schools and associations, to use this BBB ?

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