I understand why they do it, I guess, but it really bums me out that Gitea's development is being managed on Github. 😥

@toast hadn't heard of ForgeFed, but now that I have, I'd like to see it in wider use... wonder when Github'll implement it :)

@lightweight +1 up in here!
I'm writing my response *right now*, so +1 that too if you'd like :blobsmile:

@toast I like the idea of using federation to be "open first", while still allowing projects to benefit from the network effect of (otherwise undesirable) proprietary platforms. Will have a read of that rather involved discussion :)

@toast @lightweight To be honest, even if Gitea had full federation built-in, the first thing I'd do is disable it. Unless they have a *very* good measure to combat spam, but that seems like an impossible to solve problem. :cry_konata:

I already had to disable search engine indexing to prevent spam bots from finding my Gitea instance, I'm absolutely not interested in wasting my time fighting spammers.

@ayo @toast Hmm - that's the one issue I have with Gitlab - most of the spam management features are only in the "enterprise" version (which disappoints me)... so was considering moving to Gitea... sorry to hear it hasn't been able to address those problems.

A while ago @codeberg had some trouble with spammers that created accounts manually via tor and spammed using the API.

They posted about it on fedi and I wanted to help so I created a little program that helps manage API access:

I don't think they ended up using it 😅.

But maybe it can be of use to you if you ever transition to gitea
@ayo @toast

That functionality really ought to be built in to Gitea...
@lightweight @codeberg

@ayo @hugot @lightweight yes, that's what we propose and still hope for.

It should be part of gitea core.

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