So... I've managed to develop a deep disdain for LinkedIn, to the point where I won't even use it any more. If someone uses it to contact me, I'll work out their email and contact them directly instead of via the platform. Soulless blech.

@lightweight actually it's important to delete your #MS #Linkedin acct. Simply having a presence there makes you the bait by which your friends are pushed to 1st signup & expose their mobile ph# to MS (or worse, buy a mobile phone just to register).

@resist1984 fair call. I always go "open first" and second, I sometimes include the network-effect proprietary platform to avoid finding myself in a lonely (initially) echo chamber... but I agree, LinkedIn sucks enough that I don't want to benefit from whatever social capital I have there...


You may use a minimum profile that only contains a small intro text and an URL to the personal site where e.g. your curriculum vitae exists.

@alexesc @lightweight @humanetech I'm not sure what you mean by "both worlds" here. A minimum #LinkedIn profile doesn't solve the problem I described. The mere existence of an account, even if zero content, still baits past friends into registering simply to connect.

@humanetech @lightweight @alexesc You cannot view the profile or connect to a LinkedIn user without having an account yourself. So by having account with your real name on it, you are helping MS abuse the #privacy of your past friends.

@alexesc @lightweight @humanetech and if your past friend does not have a mobile phone, or they would otherwise not give their ph# number to MS, the mere existence of your acct pushes others to get a mobile phone (a #privacy abuse in itself) & then share their ph# with #Microsoft.

@humanetech @lightweight @alexesc There is also a practical problem with having a minimum profile on #LinkedIn: inactive profiles give employers the impression of someone who is unmotivated & out of touch. So a minimum profile that isn't continuously updated with new activity actually works against you. You give up both ethics & self-promotion in this case (iow, worst of both worlds).

Congrats! It is a pity that CloutStream was abandoned. It was supposed to be a #linkedin alternative based on #ActivityPub and part of the #fediverse

@resist1984 @alexesc

@humanetech @resist1984 @alexesc interesting, hadn't heard of it.

In my thinking prior to closing my LinkedIn account, though, I've decided that for professional networks to be authentic I have to have IRL relationships with people, not just digital interaction... so I'm leaning towards going old-school :)

Nothing beats IRL relationships :)

BTW Had I known you were deleting I'd advised to export your LI data beforehand. Maybe you have done so anyway.

@resist1984 @alexesc

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