Wow, currently generating 4.25kW of a possible total of 4.41kW solar capacity... it's a *nice* day in Christchurch!

Our house consumption seems to hover below 400w most of the time (with occasional spikes for oven, washing machine and heat pump) so we're dumping 90%+ of what we're generating into the grid...

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Ok, now up to 4.42w! Looks like our panels are exceeding their rated output...

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@lightweight no battery component? It sounds like you could be completely self sufficient given a large enough capacity.

@rune yes, we could be. I don't think there're any cost-viable battery technologies available to me yet... waiting for the Leaf fleet in NZ to start wearing their batteries out - would happily buy some that still have 80% capacity :)

@lightweight @rune will that happen though? I guess it makes a leaf pointless otherwise, so people may replace battery or sell the car cheap I guess 🤔

@rtwx @rune yep. It'll happen eventually... or something better might come along in the meantime.

@rtwx @rune this is a "long game" :) (the panels have a 20yr warranty) - so not in a hurry to have the batteries until I can find something that seems right.

@lightweight Generated 0 today from 4.95kW capacity. A -15C winter's day in Canada with snow-covered panels.

@stebby could you complement the solar with a wind turbine? :)

@lightweight I wish. But it does generate enough in the spring-summer-fall to make up for winter :)

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