@Tryphon for the record, I've been a dev for 25 years. Ran a pure-play company (all GPL) company for 14 years. Sold it to a bigger FOSS company in 2012. Everything I've done is . I've just move my family (wife, 2 boys + dog) into the new house whose building FOSS funded. Proprietary is neither necessary nor desireable to make a good living.

@Tryphon Actually, I'd argue it was the goodwill associated with producing for our customers that gave us such strong relationships with them... and made us an attractive acquisition. That and the fact that we had offices over the best brew pub in town. :D


@Tryphon to clarify - we highlighted to our customers that, by us producing for them, they were not in any way "locked in". We wanted them to work with us because they wanted to... not because they felt they had no choice due to our proprietary "leverage". Most had previously had bad experiences with that and could immediately relate. A couple had even suffered MSFT audits and had developed a deep disdain for their model (but felt no choice but to keep using MSFT products. Ugh).

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