WSL is MSFT's attempt to "enclose" Linux entirely within Windows. This is MSFT's only option due to Linux's GPL v2 license. But, to be frank, WSL is the worst of both worlds - Linux, but constrained by the arbitrary limitations of Windows. Yes, MSFT trying to control the platform.

If you want to use Linux... why not just use Linux? There's literally nothing standing in your way. Using WSL is voluntarily making yourself a pawn for MSFT's proprietary interests.


I see where you are coming from and agree (mostly), there is a reason why for a limited group of people WSL makes sense.

These people work in large companies that use Microsoft based IT infrastructure. For better or worse they are tied to Windows due to regulatory and security concerns and they want to remain competitive in a world where like you rightly point out the best devs and the innovative work is being done on Linux architecture.

WSL presents a way forward for them.

@technikhil any business "tied" to Windows tech... has already consigned itself to being overtaken by smarter competitors that aren't haven't already made that strategic blunder. The freedom and flexibility of Linux constrained by the world's worst, most restrictive proprietary OS, is not a useful thing in the big picture.

@technikhil WSL is a solution to a problem no one should have unless they're trying to mitigate horrible past decisions.

The *right* solution, is for corporations with a Windows dependence to take the hit of abandoning Windows for *real* (unencumbered) Linux for their own future's sake.


Perhaps, but all the idealism in the world is not going to make a Fortune 50 public company take a "hit" that could run into double digit percentages of revenue and potentially put them out of business in the short term.


Should they have embraced Linux 20 years ago - perhaps... Hindsight is 20/20. The fact is though they made the choice and now they need a way out that is pragmatic. WSL gives them a potential. The smart ones will use it to get out completely, the others will remain trapped in the Windows honeytrap.

One thing is true though - WSL for those who use it with foresight provides a path to moving out of the Microsoft dependence.


@technikhil WSL allows Microsoft to continue controlling the computing platform. *That* is what's holding everyone back. That's the thumb people need to get out from under. MS Windows is indistinguishable from ransomware:


Again, like I pointed out if the IT teams in those govt. so choose they can use WSL to build container based solutions that allow them to transition out of using Microsoft.

It is true the MS has a lot of control with govt. and large corporates. But I argue that WSL is actually a sign that Windows and Microsoft is realising that they will be pushed out entirely by the next generation of tech and they are using WSL to keep Windows relevant.

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