Windows Subsystem for Linux is a horrible, pointless initiative... unless you're Microsoft.

Microsoft has built its $trillion business on *controlling the platform* and exploiting its users. Windows is slowly decaying, and, tellingly, the crucial developers Windows needs to stay relevant... are moving to Linux, and few look back.

@lightweight All the FOSS initiatives by Microsoft, revolves around helping its own business. They never give a damn about anything, until it brings them business prospects.

@vms20591 yep. And be careful - MSFT have decisively abandoned the "F" in . They want all open source to use weak (non Copyleft) open source licenses that *MSFT can exploit within its proprietary software*. Developers need to "get" this.

@lightweight Right, when I talk to people, I try to use the term "Free Software" & give a pep talk about it, before explaining about the actual program. It'll be annoying, but better in the long run.

@vms20591 yep, terrifying. Here in NZ, I strongly advocate the use of Catalyst's entirely (OpenStack) Cloud services - they're entirely powered by hydro - carbon neutral.

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