Listening to - they're making the same mistake as always - awarding a *monopoly* to one provider at the expense of all the others - and they're doing it with incredible ineptitude. Why can't we have people in gov't who get this: ?? Seems so obvious.

@lightweight They, like most everyone in our society, are trained to think vendor lock-in is just how technology works.

Though I thought the Minister of Transport understood standards, he certainly talks about it well...

@alcinnz Which Minister is that? Twyford? There's no evidence from an actual policy/action point of view that anyone in gov't, the Minister or otherwise, gets this... If they did, they'd be unwilling to proceed with their deeply flawed plan (that'll also kill a bunch of plucky little NZ companies who've developed competing - but mutually incompatible - ticketing systems).

@lightweight Ah - just checked, and it was a contractor I was thinking of: Steph Clark. I've got some work indirectly for him.

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