Ok, so I just recently found out that OnlyOffice has a nice "community" (AGPLv3) version, and it can easily be integrated with NextCloud. So I've just set up a my own self-hosted instances of both. Wow. GoogleDocs ain't got nothing on this.

Only sad thing is that OnlyOffice have gone the open "Community" vs. proprietary "Enterprise" edition route, like Gitlab. Not excited by that. Although it's better than CollaboraOffice (which is pretty good)...

@lightweight hmm what is better than CollaboraOffice there?

@rugk At this point, a colleague and I've only played with it a bit, but it is faster with a more polished interface, and more features, with excellent (**spits**) OOXML compatibility. I hate fauxpen standards, but sadly, most of the world has been hapless (and short-sighted) enough to let it become the only viable "standard" for the moment.

@lightweight yeah I've heard that OOXML, but apart from this if you only edit odt etc. files, is it still better?


@rugk it doesn't really seem to support ODF formats very well - you can save that way, but it doesn't let you edit them - you have to import/convert them to OOXML formats.

@rugk my general early impression is that it's quite a bit more advanced than Collabora at the moment, usability-wise.

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