If anyone has been fooled by Microsoft's widely trumpeted "love" for Linux and Free and Open Source Software ()... I encourage you to watch this German-made investigative documentary and consider which view you think is more credible:

@lightweight would like to see it but cclive can't access that video ("Checking ... .libquvi: error: .../share/libquvi-scripts/0.9/util/resolve_redirections.lua:60: The server responded with the code 204")

@resist1984 Hmm - that's messed up... :/ I'm not sure where else that video might be...

@lightweight also tried and got "the media could not be loaded".. perhaps the video is formatted for some proprietary codec

@resist1984 It's possible and that'd be very unfortunate... and somewhat ironic.

@resist1984 @lightweight depends on youtube-dl (i'm not sure exactly how, but they are using the same extraction formats for download) and youtube-dl has been getting more and more problems with some videos. In my feed it's sometimes even 50%. The solution is to switch to a lower quality. On you can do that with the small gear icon in lower right corner after you click play.

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