Yup, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are special aids for people who are painfully naive.

Another RNZ podcast will be posted to provide more background shortly.


For your convenience - here's the podcast (some of which I heartily agree with especially about not trusting mega corps listening in on your house, other bits of which I think are tosh, like trusting software that's produced by megacorps over stuff that's produced by communities): rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/

@lightweight From his security advice, it definitely strikes that browsers are too complicated.

We shouldn't need an organization as large as Mozilla to maintain a free software browser (much as I appreciate their efforts), and it's a failing on our part that we have to advise people to be careful about clicking links.

@alcinnz Browsers are the "everything + the kitchen sink" app. They could be simplified, but there'd be sacrifices to make in doing so... The number of standards with which a browser complies is mind boggling. Although, it's great that there're a few advanced, independent implementations (for which we need to thank Mozilla especially).

I think the link problem is due to Microsoft creating HTML formatted email & having a stupid filename/mime type model & integrating their browser into the OS.

@lightweight I can't disagree!

But at the same time I'm someone who's willing to make those sacrifices, and figure out how big they actually are.

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