Interesting post @Downes - I think you would've made the right decisions. I think we're on similar wavelengths regarding the implicitly unethical nature of extreme wealth. I recently found out about Anand Giridharadas and his "Winners Take All" thesis... If you haven't seen it, I think you'll find it very affirming: We need to decouple wealth and influence. That's why I reject the Frightful 5 & am deeply cynical about the Gates Foundation, et al.

@lightweight @Downes I had a similar thought these days when I encountered a case where someone with basically all the money is also boss of the company. Although he might have other bosses around, the fact that he owns the company and has all the money is simply a striking argument that all others subject. Apart from that he basically owns the place, so his word is the rule anyways. This is especially true for anxious people, they'd need an includer not a ruler

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