Noticed more sites giving out discord links instead of email addresses for questions and support.


@faoluin seems crazy short-sighted to force people to join a 3rd party system you don't control just to communicate with you. About as ridiculous as businesses only having a web presence within the Facebook cellblock.

@lightweight I know right? Discord and Facebook can change at any time, and businesses might have to leave those platforms if those changes are undesirable. Email is an actual standard, will be around probably forever, and doesn't change nearly as much nor at the behest of one corporation (as much as Google might have you believe otherwise).


@faoluin Yup. And regarding email, yes, it's a decentralised standard (despite Microsoft and Google's efforts to tie it up) - I run my own mail servers using Mailcow - despite the goofy name, works great, and is 100% open source. This is what I run:

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