RMS is unflappably rational. He's also uncompromising in a way that makes a lot of people uncomfortable (because it shows them up). Here's his list of reasons not to use Microsoft (despite their recent "charm offensive") - as usual, he's not wrong:

> Some countries have laws under which users have sued for the right to get a reimbursement for the #Windows license.


I'm gonna have to look into this.

@grainloom I think it's a great idea to challenge MSFT's anti-competitive contractual (and "Marketing Co-Payment" agreements with OEMs (which is why they say "____ recommends Windows 10"... Like hell they do - they just get paid to say so.

@grainloom crikey - the programmer in me is compelled to close the two parens I missed in that tweet... )). Ugh.

@lightweight @grainloom thankfully you saved me from begging you to end the clauses.

I wonder if there's a direct psychological condition for this effect or if it just falls under regular obsessive compulsion disorder.

@lightweight @espectalll And yet he held a talk at MSFT recently, didn’t he?

@js @espectalll yes - have a look back in my timeline for discussion on that :)

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