how do you deal with the discontinuation of #ostatus support in Mastodon? My current solution is to keep my old GS account active to be able to follow and interacti with GNUSocial and PostActiv users ...

@lohang are there still postActiv users? It's code forge and website have been offline for ages and I think it's pretty much a dead project. I'm not sure there's much more work being done on GS these days.

@strypey Look at Diogo's repo on Notabug. That's where current GS work is happening.

so I've heard, but why is the only current dev work on GS happening in a private repo with no obvious link from the main repo? This in itself a sign of a project running on fumes.

@strypey [slightly off topic, and stating the obvious] I no longer see or receive 's posts :(


@lohang @strypey is it possible you've accidentally blocked that account/server?

@lightweight @strypey not only his instance, all the other GS instances/accounts I've subscribed to are now inaccessible from here. Examples I just checked include etc...

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