Today I asked my manager to find someone else for the role that's making me very unhappy

But he suggested taking a couple of weeks of vacation and skipping a few useless meetings.


What was the company which used to have the motto, "Don't Be Evil?"

I seem to remember once upon a time... :)

@hhardy01 That was an awesome engineering company with an awesome business ethics. It hurts to see it ruled by PMs, TPMs and all sort of non-technical folks.


Seen a lot of those engineer-led companies with business ethics go down... HP, DEC, particularly.

HP tier 2 tech support for my LaserJet 4 was, "Yeah, I designed it. Send me this part and I'll reflash it for you."

The corporate investment money mentality corrupts everything it touches, folks who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing end up in charge.

@hhardy01 It seems tech companies don't age too well.

@hhardy01 But Microsoft looks like a completely new company now.


With their adopt, extend, and proprietize and surveillance capitalism makeover of github, it looks like the same old monopolistic and exploitative Microsoft to me.

@hhardy01 they're actively contributing good work to the Linux kernel, git and now Chromium. I've seen Microsoft participate in the design of open protocols at IETF. They're certainly embracing and extending, but the power to extinguish is greatly diminished with free software and open standards. That's a meaningful difference since the Ballmer era.


Seen this crap too many times from them, case in point LDAP=>'Active Directory'

@hhardy01 But that's was another era... 1999 AD 😃

The way Microsoft works now looks more like this:

@hhardy01 I can't believe I'm defending Microsoft nowadays... I even used to have a Microsoft hate page in my website with a list of their misdoings.


@codewiz @hhardy01 you're wasting your efforts defending them. They're still subject to exactly the same soulless objectives/incentives and they have to keep growing despite the slow demise of the monopoly they exploited to achieve their current state. They're just shifting gears - I just explained it a bit more here: Bottom line: they're still predatory and any suggestion they might now be "cuddly" is false.

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