@kyhwana Because if not, I think we should make one. @lightweight might be able to host a bot for us ...

@yojimbo @kyhwana Hmm - it's possible... I haven't investigated that yet... I think you can create a new user and designate it as a bot...

@lightweight @kyhwana Well, the bot is just an account that auths onto your instance, it can come from anywhere.

Its having somewhere to run the bot that's more interesting ... and you already run your mastodon server ... 🙂

github.com/ayush-sharma/tweet- can be run in a container.

Are you interested? 🙂

@yojimbo @kyhwana I already use CrossPoster to post my toots to Twitter... but for the moment, I only send posts one way... thusfar I've respected Eugen's plea to avoid polluting the Fediverse with tweets... Perhaps you can convince me otherwise :)

@lightweight @kyhwana Well, #eqnz isn't posting "conversations", it's dumping data. If you prefer, we could just take a non-twitter data feed from them, and pass that into here.
Ideally they would post here themselves, of course.


@yojimbo @kyhwana I think would be a special case... I'd be happy enough to look at doing that... that's a public safety issue...

@lightweight @kyhwana So we could repost @geonet (the official outlet on birdsite) or go directly to the geonet API - I'd prefer that. I'll hack something up and see what it looks like.

@yojimbo @kyhwana that'd be very cool! I'd be happy to host it in a separate container on NZOSS infrastructure (provided by CatalystCloud, onshore here in NZ!)

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