Finally shifting my mail archives from my scratch-built emails server in Singapore to my new MailCow server in Sydney... imapsync is crucial! And !

@jonathanharker looks handy... but I don't have a client for it (yet). :) Will keep an eye no Dovecot's support for it (coming?) or JMAP proxy... thanks for the tip!

@jonathanharker or are you saying I could use a JMAP client to do the migration?

Dont forget DMARC, SPF, DKIM and possibly DANE too :)

@Weep I haven't come across DANE yet, will have to investigate, but I have all the others under control...

@lightweight Who are you hosting it with? What's the fuel mix like in Sydney? Are they mostly burning coal for electricity?

@futuresprog I'm currently hosting with Vultr in Sydney, and I suppose they're mostly powering it with nuclear or coal over there. Not sure.

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