Cool - have worked out how to drive mailcow (2 instances now)... now getting 10/10 for emails sent from it to nice. Think this is going to my new mail system.

@jlelse @lightweight Just got 10/10 on mail-tester too so hopefully I read instructions correctly from their site and set it up okay 😅. Noticed that my emails to go straight to junk however.

@allluke @lightweight Nice 👍 Yeah Outlook and Gmail are kind of a problem, but that's because by default they don't trust servers with low volume. But Gmail atleast learns when you regularly send non-spam mails. That's a reason why more people should use their own mail servers or more different providers. Monopoly sucks.
@allluke @lightweight Also setup DNSSEC if you haven't done it yet, that should increase acceptance of mails too ☺️

@jlelse @allluke Thanks! Luckily, our main registrar supports that out-of-the-box... might not work for all our domains (some of which are with godaddy... sigh), though.

@lightweight @allluke I think it's an ICANN requirement to support DNSSEC. If the registrar doesn't support it, it might be time to submit a complain 🤔

@lightweight @jlelse did you find out?? I tried enabling it on openhost and not sure if it worked.

@allluke @lightweight Propagation usually takes some time, but there are tools online to check if it's enabled.
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