Just looked at our dog who was naughty this morning an ate a bone she found... we're hoping she hasn't got an intestinal blockage... I think she's ok, though, because when I asked her "are you feeling a bit rough?" she sighed, put her head on her paws, and gave me a meaningful side-eye...

We keep a ball of butter and salt wrapped in wax paper in the fridge; if Skipper eats a thing he shouldn't, I can grab it, stuff it down his throat, and he'll vomit. (Well, a 50:50 strike rate on administering it and getting the right response so far.)

@xurizaemon Hmm - that's a good idea. I think the problem is that the bones are likely passed through the stomach by now... :/ Time will tell, I s'pose.

@xurizaemon she's been a robust hound thus far, so knocking on wood.

They're tough. Skipper had a thing for the kids' socks when a pup.

Yeah sounded like it would be too late for this one but it's a good thing to have on hand (esp if your pup is a gobbler).

You have to get the butter soft then absolutely pack it with salt to make it work, else it's just a salty treat :)

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