For those unaware of Medium's ambitions to be the next Facebook... it's worth noting that there're excellent de-centralised open source alternatives - the best I've found is Plume -

Similarly, Peertube is an amazing de-Googled & decentralised open source alternative to YouTube... - start here:

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And for the record, I'm aiming to make these available in NZ thought the NZOSS' infrastructure for general community use.

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@lightweight Peertube I have considered in the past as an alternative to YouTube.

I'm leery of Medium because they're venture capital backed and they're not profitable which is another way of saying that the whole thing, including anything I contribute, will be replaced with an "our incredible journey" post in the near future.

What I use right now is a Markdown to HTML converter (currently using `pandoc`) and just shoving it on my self-hosted static website.

@futuresprog certainly a fair solution. I've got over a decade of experience with Drupal, but lately I've been keen on Grav ( which is well suited to your Markdown leanings :) (which I share, by the way).

@lightweight I'll take a look at Grav, thanks.

I don't mind Drupal and I don't mind HTML. I've done two decades of HTML and I can no longer be bothered typed <P> again (even without the closing </P> entity, hello HTML 4 old friend). Also Drupal has had a boatload of flaws and I no longer enjoy the scramble to update.

@lightweight Clear my calendar. I'll spin up another Droplet and install Grav this weekend. Looks like fun!

@futuresprog grav is quite elegant. The only problem is that participating in its community requires you sacrifice your freedom by joining Discord... otherwise, it's splendid.

@lightweight I'm a little out of the loop here. How is Medium trying to compete with Facebook?

@erikstl It's not competing with FB, it wants to be the next one... To join the "Big 5".

@erikstl I'm hoping we'll see all those letters fall away over the next few years. I'm working towards it. Humanity deserves better.

@lightweight I made one passerby contribution to plume a year ago. It looks so polished and beautiful now! :blobaww:

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