Couldn't sleep... had to get this persistent (and rather bleak) musing out of my head. Anyone think it was worthwhile?

@lightweight Me too, but the parallels are strong now that you point them out...

@cstanhope I'm out of bed again, making a few edits that occurred to me after I lay down again...

@lightweight Hopefully you'll be able to get back to sleep after that.

@cstanhope sadly, I'm not feeling overly comforted, but at least it's captured in a persistent(ish) medium... we'll see :)

@cstanhope feeling a strange urge to re-watch the Life of Brian...

@lightweight @cstanhope it is not a metaphor that is pleasant at all, but I wouldn't think it's that. No, more infested than that. Things like facial recognition, big data. - not a person a prevalence.

@lightweight Dave, I read your post and it was masterful, wonderful and such a fresh perspective. I think another aspect of the Marketers is that they have convinced us that history is unimportant. Thank you.

(FYI I wanted to leave you a longer, more thoughtful comment on the blog post, but the disquus and i-an-not-a-robot hoops eventually trapped me into a rabbit hole without return: “can’t access reCaptcha database check your connection...” To life?) Anyways great blog post.

@GeoffreyGevalt Thanks for the feedback Geoffrey! I'm not overly happy with using Disqus, to be fair, but I've also spend many hours I'll never get back cleaning spam comments out of websites I run... :/ A tricky balance to strike. I'm on the lookout for a viable Disqus replacement for sure!

@lightweight thanks for the quick response and hope my comment about disquus did not take away from my point, that is that your late-night post was a gem. Thank you.

@GeoffreyGevalt nope, no offence taken - that's useful feedback re Disqus, increasing my priority on replacing it...

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