The real price of Free and Open Source Software is an implicit commitment to take responsibility for - and an active role in shaping - one's own digital destiny. One would hope people would do that regardless. Sadly, to date, the evidence suggests otherwise.

@tdorey Heh heh, yeah... although I'm not sure then, how I'd characterise proprietary software... "free like a 'first hit'"? Or... "expensive, like an Italian car"? 🤔

@tdorey or maybe (if you're familiar with the US constitution) "free as in taking the 5th". Do (or say) what you want, but you have to take responsibility for it.

@tdorey oops - I thought that one was in response to the one about proprietary software I made... ("free as in Italian car", i.e. not, plus unreliable to boot)... I wouldn't characterise FOSS as a feudal relationship - anything but. That's more akin to the relationship that users of proprietary software have to their developer masters...

@lightweight lol, FOSS is free as in puppies. Facebook et al free as in feudal serfdom

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