I'm getting more excited about what Mastodon (and the Fediverse and its mechanisms like OSocial and ActivityPub and even Matrix) mean, and their implications for a post-corporate Internet. That, to me, is a prerequisite for a better world.


Oops - should be OStatus, not OSocial - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OStatus And other references: fediverse - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedivers, ActivityPub - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activity, and Matrix - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_(, and, of course Mastodon (on which I'm publishing this post, regardless of where you see it): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon - if you're curious, join this Mastodon instance: mastodon.nzoss.nz - I maintain it here in NZ & catalystcloud.nz generously provides sponsored cloud hosting.

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