Utterly horrible attempt to divert responsibility for road safety onto pedestrians, cyclists and dog owners by, rather than simply demand drivers stop looking at their phones. cc

Bugger off - if you're not travelling at cautionary speed and actively looking for pedestrians when approaching zebra crossings, *you* are at fault. Not the pedestrian for wearing normal clothes.

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@leighghunt less than a second difference when I tried the tests, and as you say keeping an appropriate speed is key. BTW you are taught to look out for a loose dog (not even wearing hi vis) running into the road as part of the hazard perception training required to pass the theory part of the driving test in the UK...

@vfrmedia @leighghunt it's a bs test too because
A) the initial position is hidden
B) the "high vis" position is in the open so easier to spot anyway
C) a view that would usually take my entire vision is taking up the top third of my phone
D) they aren't moving (unlike the UK hazard perception)

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