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My discussion of FRCP 11. As always, my opinions are my own and nothing herein constitutes legal advice. vm.tiktok.com/ZMJX2XPjd/

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To finish the day, here’s a consolidated UK-wide picture of restrictions, cases & growth (mainly decline) in prevalence, using new cases data from this afternoon.

Lancastrians can feel especially peeved, closely followed by the good people of Stratford, Ashford & Tunbridge Wells

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I’m back in Wellington! And just when I thought I couldn’t love New Zealand any more, this is the question on my 2 week managed self-isolation form.

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Try georeferencing an image in code without using GIS, I said....

It will be easy, I said....

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NEW: Tue 24 Nov update of Covid-19 trajectories

Main chart, including positivity rate + both hospital metrics + 5 new countries

β€’ Poland’s peak was false: testing had dipped, so I’m now using positivity rate to judge peak prevalence
β€’ Positivity falling in UK, ITA & ESP βœ…

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Timely does matter fighting . In a new paper (➑️ bit.ly/394Ebuo) we study a bizarre error in England that caused 16k cases to NOT be contact traced. We econometrically can link this blunder to ~ 120k new cases & 1.5k deaths...πŸ§΅β¬‡οΈ1/N

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NEW: Monday 23 Nov update of Covid-19 trajectories

It’s been a while... but these are the charts I’m going to be using to track the rise and fall of autumn/winter outbreaks

This is not doom & gloom; these charts focus on highlighting when countries have passed the peak

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Word of the Day is 'snollygoster' (19th century, US): one who abandons all integrity in favour of power.

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To put this another way, on a per-head basis, this is costing in the region of 10% what I pay to our local council and regional council every day in rates.
To keep my family & friends and NZ safe, to protect our health system, *and* to protect NZ businesses from another lockdown.

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Managed isolation, quarantine costing taxpayers $2.4m a day

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Hi @metlinkwgtn@twitter.com bus replacements in both directions have just driven straight past Paremata without stopping, leaving a number of passengers stranded. The service is becoming completely unreliable.

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In the last term of Parliament, 115/120 MPs owned homes, the majority of them owned multiple. In any other sector, making decisions about something you have a direct financial stake in is a conflict of interest. When I suggested this in Parliament, I was very angrily shouted at. twitter.com/robbienicol/status

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