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Number of days since last case was notified by each DHB.

Updated to the 24th May 2020

0 new cases. 1504 NZ cases in total.
1456 recovered. 21 deaths.
1 in hospital. 27 active cases

Day 11 of Level 2.

Data from health.govt.nz/our-work/diseas
and datafinder.stats.govt.nz

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"Asking me to delete data, and hide information, and make it publicly inaccessible was a bad decision."

Florida officials are condemning accusations they tried to censor public health data on Covid-19. The former state health employee behind those claims joins @ChrisCuomo@twitter.com. twitter.com/CuomoPrimeTime/sta

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Knight Rider - had quite a few requests for this one and no wonder because it's a total banger

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This is blooming awesome. And a little bit of nostalgia for me who grew up on 80โ€™s shows like Knight Rider & MacGyver twitter.com/samaracello/status

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If you missed this yesterday, latest graphic from @XTOTL@twitter.com & me on two main approaches to building contact tracing apps - centralised versus decentralised twitter.com/SiouxsieW/status/1

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Oh wow - he's still claiming quarantining at the border as a National policy.

This aged better than I expected.

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@leighghunt@twitter.com Hey @leighghunt@twitter.com, here's your reminder.๐Ÿ˜„ โฐ

Did I get your time wrong?๐Ÿ‘€ You can set your timezone (and enable push notifications) by going to remindmeofthis.app/settings.

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Number of days since last case was notified by each DHB.

Updated to the 20th May 2020

0 new cases. 1503 NZ cases in total.
1447 recovered. 21 deaths.
1 in hospital. 35 active cases

Day 7 of Level 2. WOW

Data from health.govt.nz/our-work/diseas
and datafinder.stats.govt.nz

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Here's a corona-themed riff on a classic cartoon by @joelpett1@twitter.com.

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And Contact Tracing Technology by @computer_phile@twitter.com youtube.com/watch?v=EgIg90cFRV

Both videos explain how it's possible to perform contact tracing without giving up your privacy. I guess we'll see tomorrow if this is the approach taken by NZ. (Although I'll install it anyway)

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Will be keen to see how the NZ COVID Tracer app works under the hood. Here are the two best talks I've seen about privacy-first approaches that can be adopted:
Does contact tracing necessarily sacrifice privacy? (via @ncasenmare@twitter.com & @3blue1brown@twitter.com) youtube.com/watch?v=D__UaR5MQa

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New video! An adaptation of a post by @ncasenmare@twitter.com on contact tracing and privacy protection. It's highly counterintuitive that you can do this without tracking people's locations.


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Number of days since last COVID-19 case was notified (by District Health Board) animation.

25 Feb - 14 May 2020 - New Zealand

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I was inspired to add some nice terrain to my favourite NZ historic map series, texture shader made a huge difference with this one

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