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Suspect there’s a metaphor to be found in the NZ Broadcasting School choosing to livestream the B-casting Minister’s announcement on the future of Aotearoa's public media on Facebook, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

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One of my favorite things about the fediverse is that it's realistically possible to learn, apologize, do better, and take what you've learned into everyday life.

[yes, this is a subtoot, but it's broadly relevant and I'm not gonna jump into someone else's thread and make it about me.]

I guess I was just reacting to the part of the idea that the data and the code that analyses it were an associated object :-)

@natecull That sounds a little like Datasette's goals, although technically more limited.


@lightweight @xurizaemon And still using DECT cordless phones in the branches (i.e. usually no encryption)

Love "The Princess Bride"? See someone watch it for the first time.


This is what social media is for.

Collisions with the windows of buildings kill more birds than wind turbines do, by some orders of magnitude. And that's before we get to cats ...

(Current numbers for the US; ~250,000 per year killed by turbines, ~1,000,000,000 per year by windows. 2.4 billion/year by cats. Numbers via Dunning, B. "Wind Turbines and Birds." Skeptoid Podcast. Skeptoid Media, 7 Jan 2020. Web. 12 Jan 2020. skeptoid.com/episodes/4709 )

So switching to Linux might reduce the use of Windows ... but probably increases use of cat ...

@lightweight Very weird story - I hadn't heard a word of it before.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, as Carl Sagan (and others before him) are keen to remind us ...

This would be laugh out loud funny if it wasn't so, well, weird and sad. thespinoff.co.nz/society/13-01 But having had a couple professional dealings with the Whales in the past 20 years... I can't say I'm overly surprised.

anvaka.github.io/peak-map is really cool, making these beautiful visualisations from OpenStreetMap data ...

This year, I seem to be hitting the 'down' button on my adjustable desk with the arm of my chair a little too often.
Somehow I'm sitting a little further to the Left in 2020 ...

@Eidon Also, some authors seem to rush the end of the book, packing a pivotal scene into a quick page delivered at a totally different pace from the rest of the story.
Just this morning I was reading one that did this - I had to go back and re-read a piece I'd previously skimmed because all unexpectedly a *major* plot point had been wedged in ... and the following text didn't make sense if you hadn't noticed it ...

want linux on your ultrasound machine? i've done that

want linux on your smartwatch with at least 8mb of ram and direct memory-mapped rom? i can do that

want linux on an industrial weighing system? heck yeah ive done that

want linux on a fancy gps tracking device? i got *lots* of experience there, i can write software for you too!

want to pay me to put linux on your off the shelf development board that already runs linux anyway? yep, sure, ok, get in line

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Hey Brits!

Go vote and take back your part of this ridiculous timeline we are in.

We are working on our side right now, give us the leading confidence to help!

New production report about the future episode of Pepper&Carrot where I detail my recent research on drawing, #krita and workflow in general. Link → davidrevoy.com/article748/prod

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