37km off Tonga CLS. That would make finding and lifting the cable easier. Depends if area is safe to be in. In the above case the cable ship had to let go of the cable and run away to Hokkaido for a storm to pass, then return later to pick up the bouy.


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Coincidence that the calls himself a political prisoner on the first day that the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr day.


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I saw a hilarious nickname for a bishop who spends all his time trying to get as much money as he can. It’s a portmanteau of “Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale” and his self-proclaimed title:

RT @NZDefenceForce@twitter.com

WATCH 🎬 An @NZAirForce@twitter.com Orion aircraft departing this morning for Tonga to undertake a reconnaissance flight.

View more of our updates➡️nzdf.mil.nz/tonga-response

🐦🔗: twitter.com/NZDefenceForce/sta

Judging from the photo’s date this was probably hot off the back of a break ~430km off the Tokyo CLS which is off the coast of (surprise!) Fukushima. It was repaired by a boat from Tokyo and took more than 3 weeks due to permits, equipment, and being chased by a storm.

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To show I’m not an Instant Expert™️ about submarine cable breaks caused by Godzilla and subsequent repair timelines, here is a similar tweet of mine from 2017.

Photo is of ASEAN Cableship (or sister ship) in Singapore.

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“Misinformation? Propaganda? Hate speech? Oh right- those are a bonus on YouTube”

Oh dang! Naomi Wu is right about that! Sort it out, @YouTube@twitter.com , that’s embarrassing for you.

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RT @RealSexyCyborg@twitter.com

Why? What is the reason her influence must be curtailed? That she has to be refused verification and her Play buttons, refused a partner manager? Misinformation? Propaganda? Hate speech? Oh right- those are a bonus on YouTube, no- her kind of dyke looks weird to you. That's it.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RealSexyCyborg/sta

Depending on topology, and I’ve been too lazy to look it up, so trust Brewer not me, the power can sometimes be driven from one end. (Assuming nobody is standing in water at the Tongan CLS.) Then they can tell how far from the end the break is.


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More details on communications being knocked out with Tonga. Submarine cables are pretty important. Sometimes cables get broken - common around Japan (thanks Godzilla) - but in this case a simple lack of electricity.


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I think it’s hard to help people who are disconnected. Worth taking a look at this:

“all communications with Tonga have been wiped out. … My Father, the Governor of Haapai is on Tongatapu. At this stage we haven't heard from him but are preparing for assistance for the country”

RT @pitaTofua@twitter.com

gofund.me/e3916dc5 Our official fund link for those looking to help in any way. Feel free to share

Ofa atu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/pitaTofua/status/1

Also I was driving at 105 and a Policeman undertook me.

If this tweet is read out in Court I assure you I was driving at the posted speed limit.

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Drove to Tāmaki Makaurau recently. Time from crossing Bombay Hills to seeing a giant SUV dangerously tailgating someone in the fast lane: less than 2 minutes. Welcome to Auckland!

I have taken down the shade sail in preparation for the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Cody . It’s getting a bit breezy here but nothing too bad. Not as bad as November:

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RT @futuresprog@twitter.com

I’m looking out the window and I do not recognise my garden because the wind is blasting the trees so ferociously that every single leaf is upside down and all the branches are trying to move to a nicer neighbourhood.

Did you know these leaves are silver underneath?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/futuresprog/status

Whoops! I’ve done this.

RT @TheOnion@twitter.com

Wayfair Shopper Who Didn’t Read Dimensions Would Never Have Bought Sofa If She Knew It Was 300 Feet Tall bit.ly/33c1MsF

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheOnion/status/14

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