Earned another $1.50 of Netflix subtitle correction money today. πŸ’°

Come in to Y home
Come into my home

Thanks to the stable genius leadership of the United States, they’ve really Made America Great again with that -40% crash in exports oh boy pump the brakes a little we are heading for excess greatness!

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Exports have plunged and some industries may never recover from the trade war bloom.bg/332VtkM

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This idiot has disabled the SECOND firewall.

This idiot has disabled the FLIPPIN’ firewall.

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We have some awesome folks on our online panel to discuss the draft algorithm charter - @teh_aimee@twitter.com , @phactgirl@twitter.com and @kamal_hothi@twitter.com . πŸ˜† We'll announce the other panelists very soon! Look forward to seeing you online tomorrow from 4-6pm.


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CHRF Urgent Appeal to International Society
On the Escalation of Tension in Hong Kong

Tonight, riot police blocked all exit of HK PolyU, and protestors are now unable to leave. Bloodshed are no longer a nightmare but a concrete possibility.

Full Text bit.ly/2KuPL54

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Had to select the branch to make this work... slightly crazy for a Sunday morning.

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METEOR-M2-2 LRPT east pass from this afternoon. NSW coast is still very much on fire.

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These are four mottled blackbird eggs in the hedge furtherest from murder cat (who I chased off our property yet again last night). This is close to the thrush nest that was successful.

Three mottled blue eggs in the blackbird nest in the hedge on the side closest to the neighbour with the cat.

This is the blackbird that alerted the magpie that I was looking for it.

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All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) was released in both silent and sound versions

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