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He was only supposed to write racist shit on company time. He was not to throw it away on a non-News Corp. message board! That's good material!

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There are a lot of missing words from White and Nerdy. Heads up Musixmatch, this is quite bad.

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Another stunning lyrical discovery. Spotify suggested this logically followed “Who let the dogs out?”

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I’m not usually one for watching the cricket but this was some of the best cricket commentary I’ve seen.

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"Until we educate the entire human race, this thing will not stop."

Michael Holding delivers a powerful message, explaining why .

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えっ かわいい…かわいくないですか?

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I have added the word “business” to my Twitter profile. Business! BUSINESS!!!

If you don’t want to be on a list, block the creator of the list.

iPhone app, go into “Lists”, three dots in top right, “Lists you’re on”.

And now you’re off the list. Feel free to unblock them later, or just leave blocked.

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You can also block the creator of the list.

On the left look for “Lists”, three dots in the top right, “Lists I’m on”.

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Great thread. Always watch out for hedgehogs in your data. 🦔

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There was a vote in Russia last week, on making Putin president for life. Sadly, it passed.

BUT the govt made a mistake & put all data online😄 Naturally, ppl scraped & analyzed it, as "lib" in @matplotlib@twitter.com stands for Liberty!!


+Analysis thread(1/7)

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This is ’s iconic and endemic tūī. Sound on for this one: adults have a specially modified 8th primary that causes the wingbeat noises.

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@BadAstronomer@twitter.com Lewis, Lancaster, Meredith, & Walker 1994 cover this briefly (below). I was looking for Lewthwaite, Sutton, & Triggs 1997. Most papers that cite the latter also cover the effects of frying after storage.


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Cinema Quarantino presents its most ambitious massivest budget feature DAS FARMILEE, an excoriating commentary on the times, an all action sci-fi horror, a tribute to Buster Keaton ? “Explosive” (Guns & Ammo) ⁦⁦”Wunderbar” (Spectator @LukeTyson@twitter.com⁩

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China turned on the first generators at the massive Wudongde hydropower station (image courtesy Planet Labs Inc.) trib.al/lieps4a

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Found a really big fan yesterday that blew me and the Moon away.

Nikon D850 with Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4E PF ED VR and Nikon AF-S TC-20E III teleconverter

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