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A tūī covered in harakeke pollen! Highly recommend planting harakeke or wharariki in your backyard if you can, because when they're flowering you are practically guaranteed a visit from at least one of our nectar-loving native manu!

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Yes! I have found a rare plant (based on how many other users have also found it). ⁦@Mykuhl@twitter.com⁩

Leptinella dioica

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Day 24 of 2021 – Historical

Hochstetter’s 1859 map of The Isthmus of Auckland, bumped into the third dimension in Blender

I made this a couple of years ago.
I’m really surprised no one else has made anything similar since… 🤔


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Nice one Aotearoa - drug checking is now legal (not just for summer!). 87 for, 33 against legislation voted on in Parliament today. This is great news for harm reduction & the organisations helping keep people safer. Incredible mahi @KnowYourStuffNZ@twitter.com and everyone involved.

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Destination: siding behind my office.

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A container of Griffins biscuits was on the move 1953 bit.ly/3bFPysX

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Small and slightly concerning note about the last line of that blackboard. That slogan was previously used in 1938 to rather disastrous results.


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Printworks has to be one of the most amazing venues for raves i’ve ever been to and taken Photographs in.

More frames to come.

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In response to an explosive story reporting that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick knew about various sexual misconduct and harassment allegations and was himself a perpetrator, and an employee walkout today demanding Kotick's resignation, the board says it is standing by him

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Yesterday we were joking about the stupid and thoroughly debunked notion of human bodies becoming magnetised. Mrs stuck a magnet to my arm using an adhesive.

I’ve just noticed it’s still stuck to my arm. I tried to take a photo but every angle just looks rude.

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Plants in train form - always a pleasure- at and travel choices are a way we can all make a difference - @LNER@twitter.com has found switching just half of all domestic journeys annually to rail saves 331kg of carbon per person. Not too bad!

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Once again I have heard a suspicious noise outside. Third one this month. 🦔

(This is about a metre from the above photo.)

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Thousands more got vaccinated today too.

THAT'S the silent majority.

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High Court dismisses challenge to vaccination mandate for aviation security workers


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