Just received a message that my delivery is nearly there, which is concerning.

Last night I priced up a ridiculous basket of about $4,780 worth of computer parts and I don’t recall hitting the “Checkout” button on them, unless …

They’ve sent a follow up message to say it’s for groceries. Wife has added my phone for the notifications.

Not that I wouldn’t mind an ultra wide gaming monitor and a bucket of SSDs but also I quite like $4,780 in the bank …


Oh no, the courier just arrived with a box from PB Tech. What did I order? Box is too small for a gaming monitor. It better not be that bucket of SSDs I loaded into my cart for a laugh …

A gigantic Mainfreight truck has just pulled into my driveway. I’m going to hide.

He’s doing a 75 point turn, trapped between the old gate post, my hedge, and my decorative flaxes.

I kept the gate post because even though it isn’t in use anymore it stands between the traffic and the cuddly squishy box full of Internet.

They got the truck out! My Internet is unscathed!

But the tire tracks, the unscheduled hedge trimming, oh boy.

Neighbour’s wife saw a photo of the tire marks on the driveway (delivery was for them) and marched him over with the water blaster to fix it. I used my Browns Brush and it scrubbed up nicely.

Then the water blaster caused cavitation in my pump nearly cooked itself.

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