I tried GraphicsMagick and then got really grumpy so I tried ImageMagick instead but it turns out I had missed the -page attribute that I never used before.

convert -delay 50 -crop 400x400+250+30 cam-2019-11-04T090[4-8]*.jpg -page 400x400-250-30 ~/thrush.gif

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Their mother flew past to tell me to knock it off because it’s breakfast time.

You can see part of the fence I put up to keep them safe.

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Kids are getting interested in technology at a young age. Look at them reaching up to the Raspberry Pi.

Both parents are feeding them so frequently that my speedy installation of the new battery pack had the parents clacking at me.

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I wasn’t sure if this was a parent or baby. When I got close it flew away badly. Only 3 left in nest now!!!

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Father is in adjacent tree telling me to go away. Mother is checking out the hedge. I turned over the garden to make dinner a bit easier to find.

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Here is one of the freshly fledged song thrush about two meters from the nest.

You can see at the bottom of the frame the branch I left for the fan tails to play on.

Also looks like the garden needs some trimming!

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finally birds #3 and #4 leave the nest almost at the same time!

Bird 1: 09:15 sometime
Bird 2: 16:16
Bird 3: 16:23
Bird 4: 16:24

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