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It’s very rare to see the relative competence of political administrations plotted on a graph. twitter.com/rahmstorf/status/1

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8/ Latimer invented the carbon filament that made the bulb last longer and made it commercially viable. This was the breakthrough that Edison was looking for and the lightbulb took the world by storm.

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Used to get annoyed by stats consult clients who insisted they needed machine learning for their very large dataset (N of 100s or few 1000s). Now I tell them logistic regression *is* machine learning and everything is great again

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He was only supposed to write racist shit on company time. He was not to throw it away on a non-News Corp. message board! That's good material!

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There are a lot of missing words from White and Nerdy. Heads up Musixmatch, this is quite bad.

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Another stunning lyrical discovery. Spotify suggested this logically followed “Who let the dogs out?”

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I thought this was referring to Florida 2020 but it’s actually from a 16th Century plague.

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@Ashenground@twitter.com Unfortunately, I'm too slammed ATM to do it justice: there's everything from lying officials, downplaying seriousness of disease, fudging stats, ppl breaking quarantine, poor ppl suffering & literally starving, ppl pretending things are over too soon... the list goes on & on

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A Tufte koan worth unpacking.
I read it as, "Economics has never been able to do controlled experiments, so it's learned to rely on confounded observations. In the past, it's been wrong about basic things for decades. Now, it's applying its methods to health." twitter.com/EdwardTufte/status

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Just walking past the water tank and saw water pouring out. Water had frozen in the pipe, split it, and now the sun has melted the ice the water is making its escape.

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This morning I woke up and found a mystery sock under my pillow and the lawnmower keys in my pocket. I guess that counts as a “good night’s sleep”.

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Nearly midday and there’s still ice on the duck pond. Getting some of the promised winter weather.

I’m not usually one for watching the cricket but this was some of the best cricket commentary I’ve seen.

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"Until we educate the entire human race, this thing will not stop."

Michael Holding delivers a powerful message, explaining why .

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えっ かわいい…かわいくないですか?

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I have added the word “business” to my Twitter profile. Business! BUSINESS!!!

If you don’t want to be on a list, block the creator of the list.

iPhone app, go into “Lists”, three dots in top right, “Lists you’re on”.

And now you’re off the list. Feel free to unblock them later, or just leave blocked.

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You can also block the creator of the list.

On the left look for “Lists”, three dots in the top right, “Lists I’m on”.

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