They had varying success on replicating the iconic ripple on the chocolate and crimping of the edges.

Episode is here:

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I watched some of that broadcast television last night -- because I really wanted to find out if the girls could replicate the Griffin's Toffee Pop -- and there were five advertisements for booze! Four of them were in the same ad break!

For those who don’t recognise these plants or check the Alt text on them, they’re all foreign pests that are invading.

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I’m back after a few months off the micro blogging. Sprog asked me to give it up for Lent. Didn’t really miss it.

Get back here and the first thing I see (other promoted tweets from that muppet I don’t follow but some people idolise) is multiple people sharing a glossy photo supposedly promoting biodiversity but just full of errors.

What’s changed?

Here is a picture of a green and golden frog (from Australia) that I found whilst mowing near the wharariki.

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