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Swarbrick: for the members of the opposition that think we should never touch this issue again -- more people voted for cannabis legalisation than those who voted for the National Party, and we still hear a lot from them

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This is a shot from Reuters to illustrate the 40% slump in the Chinese stock market in 2015. It is mostly red. On a US market you wouldn’t want to see the board in red.

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Today do I celebrate
Commonwealth Day 🇳🇿🇬🇧 or
Women’s Day?

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Sometimes when I buy a new household cleaning product I don't test it on an inconspicuous area first.

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One cultural difference (and exclusionary for those with deuteranopia) is that European markets indicate increasing rates as green, whereas in China they use red. There are lovely stock photos of Chinese traders staring at walls of red numbers. It means the opposite to the West.

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Coming to you live, now, from the global financial markets:

One line is currently going down (a lot) but also another line is going up.

This is not investment advice.

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You can’t prove it’s not true.

They should have stayed in Tāmaki Makaurau but instead chose to anger Papatūānuku with their anti-vaccine stance.

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All of these earthquakes and tsunamis are being generated by @ApostleTamaki@twitter.com and @hrhtamaki@twitter.com angering God. Shame on them.

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There is so much heavy machinery that I wouldn’t even notice.

My major earthquake record:
- slept through it
- truck drove past
- slept through it
- the blind swayed slightly
- slept through it
- heavy machinery doing earthworks

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This is the third earthquake this morning.

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Social media companies are still giving hate a megaphone, despite the channels I've mentioned being reported again and again and again. As long as hate has that megaphone, we will continue to see news stories like the ones we saw today

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People are sending me photos of overflowing downpipes. Thank you.

If anyone would like to get in on the downpipe photo sharing circle, slide into my DMs.

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I did find a drip in an unusual place. It looks like some of the bristle things have held the rain back. Or maybe it’s a cracked tile.

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In hindsight, today was poor timing to remove all the sediment and runoff abatement works.

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Don’t miss my leaf diverter reviews from yesterday, or as I call it, RaIn. (The I is capitalised to indicate that it’s the first in the series.)

I also have some of those bristle things you put in the gutter but I think they’re more trouble than they’re worth. twitter.com/futuresprog/status

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Rain continues today with

🌧 Rain 2: The Raining. 🌧

(This is from the clean gutter. You don’t want to see the gutter I didn’t clean.)

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In today's Herald Michael Bassett claims that New Zealand has always been recognised as our country's name abroad. This is a typical simplification. Another name was once very popular. Many of the troops who went abroad in 1915 thought they were fighting for Maoriland.

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They’re already trying this and it’s crap. Other people in the same household are getting adverts for things other people are searching for.

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Three years from now headline "Google actually found a way to track everyone and kept it quiet" twitter.com/Techmeme/status/13

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“Literal hell hole in Oriental Bay sells for $3 million”

Hilarious housing market commentary in the opening to Wellington Paranormal.

BlueMountainCo Leaf Eater Plus (RHLE08), as resold by Marley, is adequate.

This is installed below the dropper they provided, which is much larger than the Marley MC11.65 .

It doesn’t clear the leaves as fast as I’d like but the mesh is quite fine to keep out mosquitos.

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