Friday sometime, camera feed stops.
1500 Saturday, the photo above.
Monday morning, nest empty.

Now did they fledge or did the neighbour’s new cat that pooped in my garden have a snack?

After camera difficulties yesterday I restarted the feed … and the nest is empty! From my previous photo they didn’t have enough feathers to fly. I’m going to have to look through other footage and look under hedges to find them.

Saving the profile for posterity. “World Record Holder - 2:01:39”

That will be updated shortly, I presume.

Amazing! Congratulations!


Today we went to the Moon and came back to earth! I am at a loss for words for all the support I have received from all over the world.

Thank you to all who gave me the opportunity. Asante.


Can anyone identify where in Wauku these US dockside warehouses are located?

For and anyone else going mad in a meeting:
(Via ) Interview with

For and anyone else going mad in a meeting:
(Via )

PS4 is removing Facebook integration. Yipes! Posting gameplay videos to Facebook was 99% of my usage of that site!

(Other 1% was being stalked by Facebook’s advertising. Leave me alone. )

Doing a stocktake on the 4-place picnic set:

Corkscrew - 1
Knives - 4
Forks - 4
Spoons - 3
Cups - 3
Plates - 3

Close enough. Back in the cupboard.

Bloody hell, is everything breaking this week?

Already handled one warranty repair and had a warranty servicing. Still got another warranty to claim on, and now the dishwasher is blinking.

RT Sparrow got into my house and tried to hide behind the bookcase. It can’t even read!



Facebook hired me to head Elections Integrity ops for political ads. I asked if we could scan ads for misinfo. Engineers had great ideas. Higher ups were silent. Free speech is b.s. answer when FB takes $ for ads. Time to regulate ads same as tv and print.


84GB of raw bird video transferred.

Before I was storing the video locally before encoding and streaming to Twitch. Now I’m just streaming it at 5fps and discarding the raw footage. Not sure if anyone wants it. It will be on Twitch for 2 weeks before they delete it.

Just noticed there are some LEDs in the hedge where the thrush is nesting. If she’d like to check the network link status or traffic she is most welcome to.

Just checked to see if the rain had any ill effect on the birds or camera. Good news! Working fine! And the IR LEDs are back in service.

Rain is really pouring down. The reason this IPcam was spare because even though it is “waterproof” some rainwater got in the top and rusted out some of the IR LEDs around the camera and it was humming instead of providing an image. It’s only about 15cm from top of hedge.

Just had a big splash of rain. Song thrush looks a little damper than usual but is not deterred. Camera has not failed (yet) which is great news.

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