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Nonfarm payroll employment falls by 701,000 in March; unemployment rate rises to 4.4% go.usa.gov/vrK

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Beautiful time series data sets don’t come along every day. I imagine that in a few years Mike and Andrew will be having the STATS 201 students load this into R, run a time series analysis and say, “what happened in March?” @ProfJamesCurran@twitter.com

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Fascinating time series data which is a great proxy for people staying at home.

We know IPv6 support globally is about 26% in workplaces and 30% at home. You can see this because of the difference between midweek vs weekend usage.

Look at Xmas & today


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Results of my Corvid test came back.


I am not smarter than a crow.

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ICE Cold Fact: If somebody owes you money… Put on your mask and pop up at their crib right now… They’re Home.

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Ka taea e koe te reo Māori te kōrero?

Would you like to know what that means but don’t know where to start? Start here:

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FREE online intro course to Te reo & Tikanga Māori (just need to register, but it's completely free) an offering from us at @maorimassey@twitter.com if you have time & headspace.
Would add that reo & tikanga has an incredible capacity to uplift the wairua (spirit)

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Hot Network Questions

My sourdough starter is going wrong in every possible way

I need some help from the Microsoft Outlook experts. This is a problem I’ve had for many years. Roughly the same number of years I’ve used Outlook for.

Where is the configuration for “Reminder window appears underneath every other window also in an inconvenient & new location”?

You and I have very different understandings about what “free shipping” truly costs.

(It’s less than $51 in case you were wondering.)

Back when we were able to walk into shops:

👦🏻 “Hello, can you print the photos on this USB stick?”

👩🏻‍🦱 “Woah! WOAH! Computer jargon!!! I can try. How big do you want them printed?”

👦🏻 “Standard size, um, 6 by 4?”

👩🏻‍🦱 “Ugh. It’s 4”x6”.” (rolls eyes, shakes head)

Can’t really call it “customer service” unless you’re being told off.

“Hello my dishwasher has a leak.”

“That is called a ‘dish washing unit’.” (rolls eyes, exasperated)

“Well whatever the name, it’s leaking and you ‘fixed’ it last month.”

Son also very helpful: “yes I heard it [two days ago] and didn’t know what to do.”

Er … you could tell me?

“Well I could smell a really bad smell over here.”


Rang the gas supplier emergency line about the gas leak. Turns out it’s about a centimeter from their equipment so not their problem and I need a gas fitter. Also they corrected me and said it’s a “pigtail”.

Good to see that Kiwi customer service is still as helpful as ever.

Here’s a video of a New Caledonian crow taken by Dr Gavin Hunt & Dr Russell Gray at the University of Auckland.


Dinner time. Quack quack.

(I’ve cropped this a bit because I forgot to take a photo before carving.) 🦆

Alice in Wonderland taught me you’re never supposed to eat food you’ve been introduced to.

Removing Clover from the pecking order has started a gang war, with Moonbeam attacking Clover and my right hand, Sunshine attacking Clover, Moonbeam attacking Sunshine … you are sisters!

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