^ that’s the answer you’re looking for.

Congrats, now you’ve got it!

If these targeted advertisements were as good as they reckoned they’d show me what I want to buy, not this drivel for something I already have.

Well, that’s ridiculous.


I've been following the incredibly fascinating drama of the GameStop stock online community with rapt attention all year.

Yesterday was GameStop's annual shareholder meeting. It also marked the day the community transitioned to full-on Qanon-level conspiracy cult. A thread!


This is a good show: Fight for the Wild

Nice to see appearances from and (and others I don’t know on Twitter)

Interesting article about those hire scooters. Note that private VC-backed companies are using public goods (footpaths and ACC) to prop themselves up. You’re in this story


Not everyone has fond memories of trying out e-scooters when they hit our shores. Some of the injury stats from this new convenience might surprise you, read about them here: 🛴


I’m not sure why people are mocking that politician who said we could change the orbit of earth to combat global warming, but when we watched Futurama 4ACV08 Crimes of the Hot we thought that same plot was hilarious.

If you don’t recognise these people, congrats, but just know that it is a photo of a well-dressed man directing a scruffy delinquent towards a hairdresser.





I also had a look at the difference between this and the actual median household income by region.


Searching Spotify by the title of the song I just listened to yesterday:

Do you like Guns n Roses? They have music!

A complete stranger made a Playlist with a similar name!

Similar lyrics in this song by Figure of Six!

Could the song I listened to yesterday be at all relevant

Good premise for the movie, cleverly done, all coming together nicely, and then suddenly in the third act it’s all, “bleep bloop LOL I knew you were in on it too” and … happily ever after? What a waste.


WHOOT WHOOOO! All aboard the Youtube Train for…
: 's Silent Masterpiece • Part 1
Learn about the story and the gags on Buster Keaton's first feature film with host Robert Diepenbrock. You will LOVE it - we sure did!


Sitting on chair: 💨💨💨💨

Sitting on toilet:

Sitting on sofa: 💨💨💨💨💨

Interesting use of advertising money.

“tomorrow’s” ✅
“Future” ✅
“3 June” ❌ OK, so some bad news about that, today is 6 June

$RUA is once again back on the front page of the NZX Top Gainers board today, trading at an amusing $0.420

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