I should have foreseen that. Restoring thousands of photographs caused Gnome thumbnailer to spike and totally peg the CPU. Give that thermal management a workout, yeah!

Also Ubuntu 19.10 comes with PRIME and defaults to using NVidia instead of Intel graphics. Poor 🔋!

I see this document expects `open-iscsi` is already installed.

And this comment, “Whatever.”, is doing a lot of work. I wonder what mystery behaviour caused me to write that at this critical step.

It’s alright. I have them in another location. Only accessible with the private key stored on the LUN.

I hate to say I told you so, but …

… I told myself so. Anybody know how to get back to my documentation?

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I'm going to store my documentation for how to mount this iSCSI LUN and the partition it contains

on the partition itself.

Not in a place where I could access it if the LUN was unmounted. Haha, don't be silly!

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Perfect example of the thinking that supports externalising costs onto the public.

Ride share with docks (eg, Barclays or Citi bikes) provide the parking infrastructure. Instead these scooter operators merely steal it from the public. How about Lime rents our space?

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@MOJO546@twitter.com @felixmarwick@twitter.com @WgtnCC@twitter.com We can't condone this action. But @WgtnCC@twitter.com and operators could do more. Let's build scooter corrals on the street, and parking stands. What do you say, @sarahfreenz@twitter.com? I'll bring the paint. @CycleAwareWgtn@twitter.com

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100 cups of tea in one day … sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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I buy one teabag, 20mL of milk and two teaspoons of sugar every time I want a cup of tea.

Sure, I could buy 100 teabags, 2L of milk and a kilo of sugar at the supermarket, but that is a crazy amount to have in one day. twitter.com/LewSOS/status/1201

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I use my @Yubico@twitter.com key on my GitHub account even though I only push code there about once a year if I’m lucky.

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Calling all enthusiasts!

We’d love to hear how the protects you online. Simply share with us in a tweet tagging @Yubico@twitter.com and we’ll donate a key that protects at-risk individuals to @FreedomofPress@twitter.com on your behalf.

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Wow, I misread that badly. I skimmed it and saw

“Check out … 1986 … Challenger Jacket”

and then Twitter poorly cropped the image to show what looked like a Space Shuttle exploding against a grey sky. 😱

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ATTENTION: All Star Wars ! Check out @Columbia1938@twitter.com's Challenger Jacket, Star Wars Force Edition! Perfect for Wampa hunting! Proceeds of all jackets signed by me will go to college access programs. Available on 12/6. Details at columbia.com/starwars

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Had fun using the GPT-2 neural net to generate futuristic terms of service for @Annaleen@twitter.com's @nytopinion@twitter.com

“You may not transmit a child virus, via Bluetooth, Group Connection Beans/Sweets, or bee Collision Marketing Eradia virus with your Student or Student Solutions Phone.” twitter.com/Annaleen/status/12

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Oh no what is "Tremain"? Is this the newest latest dumbest version of "Brexit" but this time it's even more stupid?

Really enjoying Blood and Truth from Sony London Studios @stuwhyte@twitter.com . Introduced it to a friend who had never played before and they were amazed. Intuitive controls. Blasted their way through a large part of the story on their first try.

"I'm going eat my horse in the open town. Gonna eat 'til I can't no more."

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