I think that both Star Treck and Star Wars should end. Movie companies should do something new. Same goes for all the superhero movies, unless they are going to do something different like Comrade Superman they should give up. Enough sharks have been jumped.

@etbe and it's not there'd be no content out there that could be made into a movie or TV series instead.

(like i.e. creating a parahumans/worm TV show instead of a X-Men one)

It's just that those established things are less risk.

@etbe It's called Star Trek (no ck). :)
It's pure market logic. Studios will produce what people likely want to watch. Producing content with stuff which was successful one time is likely to be successfull a second time. Doing something completey new is a huge risk.

I don't watch Star Wars, but Star Trek. In the newest Show "Strange new Worlds " they're telling stories in an old fashion (like in the 1980's /90's), and it is is a huge success - the best Star Trek show since 20 years.

@Haydar it's not that they are less risky, it's that they are a way of spending a lot of money with little effort. If they paid for 100 films like the Blair Witch Project (innovative, low budget, good plot idea) they would probably get at least one with BWP returns. But that's much more effort for them. Easy to spend big on some licensed characters and advertise it a lot.

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