I just had a 20yo Debian bug report closed. I wonder how many people reading this are younger than some of my bug reports.

I'm installing a Dell server with 8G of battery backed write back cache. I used Linux for about 8 years before getting an 8G hard disk.
The CPUs each have 24M of cache, I used Linux for 5 years before getting a Linux system with that much RAM.

One of my favourite things about this is the crowd watching the show. Would be fun to hang out there with a laptop and do some coding while waiting for the next car to be drowned.

Teflon is synonymous with non stick. But dirt is sticking to the teflon tape I put on the bottom of my mouse

Pro tip: if you want to have 2 Linux installations share the same /boot then make them share the same /lib/modules to avoid pain

Overheard: "code freeze is for everyone not everyone except for you". Speaker was unhappy about people who like code freezes but then want to add features during the freeze.

I just returned a 43" 4K monitor and bought a new Dell 32" 4K monitor which will hopefully work better for me.

I think that both Star Treck and Star Wars should end. Movie companies should do something new. Same goes for all the superhero movies, unless they are going to do something different like Comrade Superman they should give up. Enough sharks have been jumped.

One of the most significant papers from Japan's sample return mission to asteroid Ryugu was published in Science today.

It's a monumental result, according to other planetary scientists. Essentially, we now have access to pristine materials from the very earliest days of the solar system, some 4.5ish billion years ago and we can study them on Earth.

A big deal.


I like this comment:


<< I’m also a minimalist. And I agree that, as a practical measure, minimising dependencies has a lot of value. However, once we get past Stockholm syndrome effects, it’s a tragedy. Why should building on others’ work so often be so much more effort than it’s worth? >>

Since civilization depends for its survival on people building on others' work, this right here seems Quite An Important Question which applies to much more than software.

I note a concerning cognitive phenomenon: most people generally don't want to know about the various mega tech firms on whom they're utterly dependent in business and life in general. When they do learn something damning, they give the corporate the benefit of the doubt to the point of absurdity. I think they do this because the alternative - honestly judging them based on all the available evidence - would be too terrifying and harrowing to contemplate.

Seems that my local post office will do almost anything to make money

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