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🚨 New Podcast! 🚨

I'm super excited to announce Adapt (@_adaptfm@twitter.com), a new iPad podcast co-hosted by me and @iryantldr@twitter.com on @_RelayFM@twitter.com!

In each episode, we will *literally* challenge each other to get more things done on the iPad.

Episode 1 is out today: relay.fm/adapt/1

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When I was in the city last week, these three Irishmen asked me to take a photo of them, but none of them had phones.
“you’ll take the picture and we’ll find it someday”
so if by some strange turn of events anyone knows these guys, here’s their photo

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So we’re driving around Minot, North Dakota and a guy runs up to the and I’m thinking “uh oh is something wrong” but he gestures me to roll down the window so I do

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good morning, open for a joke 😊

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When you accidentally cat a binary file.

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On this day in 1998, Apple introduced the iMac.
Apple stock has risen 20,800% since then.

Inspired [once again] by the great @viticci@twitter.com, I’m spending less time reading Twitter, more time reading books. Also, less time listening to podcasts and more time listening to music.

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One of our staff snapped this shot from the top of the Saddle Road looking back across Dannevirke whilst en route to Herberville for a surf. Doesn't it look like an inland sea? 😍

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A little background video on how we make our cloud. 😁

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HomeRun continues to push the envelope on what's possible with complications on watchOS – you can now create your own routines for specific times of the day.

This is genius and I wish Apple itself supported this system macstories.net/reviews/homerun

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