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. Not sure who did this but I am grateful they did.

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⬇️ Check out what our NetHui MC @MicheleACourt@twitter.com has to say about NZ's favourite Internet event coming up in October.

Get your tickets here: 2019.nethui.nz/register/

💸 Only $100 for the full two-day conference!

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Have these car been abandoned, or are they marooned?

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When Google puts 4 paid ads ahead of the first organic result for your own brand name, you’re forced to pay up if you want to be found. It’s a shakedown. It’s ransom. But at least we can have fun with it. Search for Basecamp and you may see this attached ad.

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Over time, I've tried to explain to people that as an adult, the concept of "failure" is basically meaningless, especially when you're trying to build a creative life, and this is a great example:

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Happy first day of spring, bring on those warmer months. ☀️ 🐑 🍃

Had two hugs at work yesterday and three today. Love my job, and the people there. What great bunch of folk.

This cute wee fella that I got to hold recently, just passed away last week. 😔

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Someone today asked me if I wanted to read Smash Mouth's "All Star" translated into Aramaic and then back to English. The answer to that question is always yes.

Earlier this week, I bought my first gaming/console accessory since I had a PS2 back in the day.

Specifically for use with iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and iOS 13. (/cc @reneritchie@twitter.com @imyke@twitter.com @viticci@twitter.com)

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I think this is about that one Star Wars episode where Ensign Adama gets kidnapped by the Bene Gesserit.


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One word, perfectly sums up this feeling we all know: kanokanoā

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We're leading the development of a new National Biodiversity Strategy to set out how Aotearoa will protect and restore nature, from our mountain tops to the ocean depths. 🦎🌿

Join the national conversation: doc.govt.nz/biodiversity-consu

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