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Check out the rubbish collected at Bulls Bridge by the @NZDefenceForce@twitter.com Ohakea maintenance support squadron as part of their weekly community service initiative. The corporal who organised this event decided to go down to the river as he's often noticed rubbish there. Great work!

So - it turns out @microsoft@twitter.com is using outdated security protocols on this volume licensing page - and that’s why it needs IE5 “or above” to work properly. twitter.com/donkey/status/1149

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I dunno. Sounds a lot like you got extremely burned for subverting a browser security mechanism.

(One @ equals one block.)

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today is the 7th anniversary of san diego accidentally setting off their entire show at the same time, resulting in the funniest and most efficient fireworks show ever


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I just made a little movie of today's eclipse as seen from the NOAA 16 satellite. Gives you a great view of the orbital mechanics involved!

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The viral marketing for the release of Stranger Things 3 is pretty intense.

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Ka pai to students from Somerset Crescent and Riverdale Schools who celebrated Matariki by planting 600 native plants in Ahimate Park😊 🌳

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The hustle and bustle of the Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market in Bangkok. On photo walk with @SaraHteit@twitter.com @konstantinosant@twitter.com @Leonorsuarezro@twitter.com .
with @halidecamera@twitter.com

Holy forking shirtballs! mtr running natively on my non jail-broken iPhone!

@viticci@twitter.com you are a magnificent human!!

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my parents are such goofs they drove out to the backroads so my dad could play the cows the songs he’s been learning on the saxophone pt.1

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A of tonight's as seen from the @SpainPark@twitter.com High School field. on and and processed with . Inspired by @David_McElroy@twitter.com's sunset pictures.

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This is Mr 20’s submission for a UCOL assignment on “Silence” -he chose to communicate the silence of depression.

Epic shot.

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As a physician, it’s much faster to put my on someone else’s wrist to detect ❤️ disease (A. fib) than finding a ECG machine at a public restaurant! 😀 (Indeed, a true guardian)

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