I *love* that a whole lot of places have turned on payWave because of

Long may they keep it.

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Now that I’ve seen it

You do not want this fucking disease. You don’t want anyone you care about to get this fucking disease. You don’t want anyone you know or don’t know, to get this fucking disease. Not even Karen.

It’s respiratory Russian roulette with 3 chambers loaded.

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What's the ettiquette when you're on a Zoom call and you can see your correspondent's 4 year old sneaking up on them in the background with a broom held overhead two-handed?

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The term “thought police” implies the person using it is actually thinking.. 🧐

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Thought I’d draw a more accurate calendar for 2020 so far....

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Just had my first “are you really leaving the house dressed like THAT” moment with Miss 17. I had to tell her I’m 41, I’ll wear a fishnet singlet to Mitre 10 if I want

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The world is a vast hellscape right now, but remember, the mandarin word for “penguin” literally translates to “business goose”

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absolutely obsessed with this massive wave illusion artwork in korea

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As we ease into Alert Level 2 from tomorrow let's play it safe, no-one wants a second wave. We will still be here offering support via our welfare helpline 7 days, 9am-5pm. This graphic shows what civil defence across the country have contributed to via welfare helplines.

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Finally understood what zoom meetings remind me of.

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I was having a group chat online with my siblings over the weekend sharing memories of our Mom and then we started talking how boring the quarantine is wondering what our parents did to fight boredom before the internet. I had no idea and neither did my 16 brothers and sisters.

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My son’s school has upgraded to Google Classroom.

This means they send me a PDF of a Powerpoint in Google Drive. To do the work, I’m supposed to convert this to a Word doc (using a Google docs extension called ‘dochub’) and type into it.

I wish I was making this up.

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