I was today years old when I found out that Microsoft Outlook on Windows renders the 👍🏼 emoji so it looks like a 🖕🏼

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Remember that amazing Bledisloe Cup game in 2000 where we got out in front by heaps only for the Wallabies to claw it back? But then Jonah scored at the end and we won. Because we didn't give up when it got hard.
Be like Jonah.

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PLEASE download and use this folks. The updated version is EASY AS. And if you’re a business PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your COVID-19 poster and put it up on your premises

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Auckland: Level 3, masks when out.
Rest of NZ: Level 2, masks when you can't social distance, eg, public transport.

From noon tomorrow till midnight Friday, to start with.

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Wow our Government DOES NOT FUCK AROUND.

@jacindaardern@twitter.com is laying down the law big time.

Once again we lead the world in this shit.

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We have some extra cute ducklings on the river at the moment

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If people had worn masks and stayed home and socially distanced whenever they left the house we would have college football this year. Some of us made those sacrifices. Others said the virus was fake news and ignored scientists. Those people are why we are still in this mess.

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What are some examples of companies that, at least to some degree, use software to change the world for the better?

I’m thinking protecting endangered species, fighting for human rights, fighting climate change, protecting the oceans and ice, educating children etc.

Uh oh. Just stopped myself from shaking my Mac to undo.

If you’re following along with the iOS 14 Public Beta, my advice would be to skip B4 and wait. Lots more random app crashes, weird camera glitches etc...

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My high school said nobody could wear shorts to school (in a place where 100+ temps were common in May and Sept) so telling me a high school is powerless to enforce what students wear is an interesting stance. See also: every school with uniforms. twitter.com/nytimes/status/129

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The USA has eased restrictions on international travel. Their recommendation for USAnians travelling to New Zealand is:

"Exercise increased caution in New Zealand due to COVID-19."

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This Tweet is amazing, I can’t believe this website is free. 🔥🔥🔥 twitter.com/hendysh/status/129

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It would be great if we didn’t have to keep touching the fire to figure out that it’s hot and will burn us. 🙄 twitter.com/ABC/status/1291379

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