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Guy who’s never liked (or really used) Apple devices writes about how to stop using Apple products.


Is it ok to eat a lake monster’s vegetables? Not Nessie’s celery.


I bought a uke earlier this year and looked for a chord app. They all suffered from similar issues. Hard to use, lacking iOS esthetic, etc.

So I built an app.

It doesn’t have the most features, but it’s beautiful and easy to use.


oooh this is the best analogy I've seen yet to ... it's TRUE, if I'm at a pool and someone yells "Stop running" we don't go, HEY not all of us are running, we usually look up and go, "what a flopcanoe, running at the pool"


"Guys, if we look at what's gone on this week and our response is "it's not all men", then I think what we're saying is "I am not part of this problem. I am above it". Guess what happens then? The problem continues." nails it, yet again.

Well, maybe not *huge* huge, but sad at least.




It’s actually only “Frankenstein” if it’s created in the Frankenstein region of France. Otherwise, it’s a sparkling monster.

Just chillin’ to this old masterpiece by Jarre. I still have the double-album vinyl around somewhere for this too..

RT By the way, for folks wanting a alternative to Doodle Polls (to arrange group meetings), the best option I've found is the Polls extension for NextCloud. Here's an example using the NZOSS' NextCloud instance (sponsored hosting by CatalystNZ !)

PSA - Apple has been making the iPhone thicker while increasing battery life since the iPhone 6. - apple

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The other day on , a couple of panelists got into a detailed discussion about education policy, and Katherine Ryan cut them off, telling them they were getting distracted from "politics". This sums up exactly what's going wrong with political reporting in NZ, it's become about reporting on politicians, not reporting on *policy*. What used to be sneered as by serious newsrooms as "tabloid" scandal-mongering is now all the political news we get on mainstream channels. much?


RT If you think Samsung tweeting from an iPhone is funny, take a look at this.
Samsung, tweeting from an iPhone with a screen captured from an iPhone.

RT HomeRun was already one of my favorite HomeKit apps for the Watch, and with today’s update it brings custom complications for scenes, making it an absolute must-have: