So now I accidentally have a account.

Someone signed up for one using my email address. Somehow they were able to get in without having the link in the email that was sent to me. So I’ve reset the password, changed the pic and enabled 2FA using It’s mine now.

This cute wee fella that I got to hold recently, just passed away last week. 😔


Whenever I hear someone described as a humanitarian, I remember that people who consume plant-based diets are called vegetarians.


A few weeks ago, Google announced a revolution in web development: serving HTML directly to browsers.

Today’s AMP Innovation is the ability to run custom JavaScript on your AMP pages. That’s right: for the first time, web developers can write JavaScript.


Someone today asked me if I wanted to read Smash Mouth's "All Star" translated into Aramaic and then back to English. The answer to that question is always yes.

Earlier this week, I bought my first gaming/console accessory since I had a PS2 back in the day.

Specifically for use with iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and iOS 13. (/cc


📣 The Safari team is hiring! Junior folks, senior folks, all folks! This team knows how to mentor engineers, ship amazing stuff, and have the right amount of inclusive fun. If you’re interested, shoot me a note/résumé at <my twitter handle at apple dot com>. (Feel free to RT!)


Piebald moose sighting is accompanied with the most Canadian commentary

Just passed a Van parked on Broadway that had a huge “FTP” sticker on the back window. I wanted to hang out the window and yell “Mate! Use SFTP - it’s way more secure!”


I think this is about that one Star Wars episode where Ensign Adama gets kidnapped by the Bene Gesserit.



One word, perfectly sums up this feeling we all know: kanokanoā


We're leading the development of a new National Biodiversity Strategy to set out how Aotearoa will protect and restore nature, from our mountain tops to the ocean depths. 🦎🌿

Join the national conversation:


Struggling to concentrate on the presentation I’m working on :(


How to tell you're an adult:

• you gain 30lbs overnight

• you'd rather sleep than go out

• everything hurts

• comfort comes before style

• you have a favorite spatula

• everything feels like a chore

• college students look like 12yr olds

• you're always annoyed af

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