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If you have to pardon BOTH of your campaign managers and two advisors to your own campaign...you ran a criminal enterprise.

That is not counting your personal lawyer who also went to jail.

Young dude has come over to make some stop motion movies with our youngest. His Android tablet wouldn’t connect to the wifi until I enabled TKIP. Ugh.

Breakfast of Champions! Or - if you’re like me - non-champions who need some gluten-free to start the morning with.

Having a play around with @Cre8iOS@twitter.com that I nabbed in the @indieappsanta@twitter.com special. $16.99 for the lifetime purchase!

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Hey Twitter, I want your advice.

Anyone have any resources for learning about infosec Threat Detection and Response?

YouTube videos, books, courses, study guides...
Whatever you got, I wanna know

Retweets welcome!

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Our Þula and Skvísa enjoying today’s golden midday sun 🐴🐴☀️🇮🇸

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Hey team, wondering if anyone could assist?

I’m looking to replace my ageing original generation Apple wireless keyboard (see pic) with a current generation Apple magic wireless keyboard with keypad (see link) apple.com/nz/shop/product/MQ05

Anyone got a 2nd-hand one they don’t want?

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Parler is back online now by routing 100% of its user traffic through servers located within the Russian Federation.

Raise your hand if you understand the very significant impact this has on the ability to surveil and target insurrectionists who organize on Parler.

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The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr brilliantly explains white privilege.

A must listen.

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The American yacht capsized? Holy metaphor, Batman.

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If I had told you four years ago that Trumps presidency was going to end with an attempted insurrection and everyone in the northern hemisphere locked in their houses singing sea shanties would you have believed me?

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This is Oliver. He was given a very little ice cream cone today, which is okay because he is also very little. 12/10

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For iOS apps side loading not allowed on M1 anymore for apps not declaring macOS as a supported platform, know that it’s a FairPlay DRM restriction. It also applies to older macOS versions.

It was done under pressure from external developers.

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NRA is bankrupt story isn’t what it seems - yet. Its fraud is massive, & NYState sued for fraud because that is where they’re incorporated. Theyre saying, as part of chapter 7, they want to reincorporate in Texas where our corrupt AG will let them do anything for $ contributions

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doing stuff is hard
shoutout to anyone who does anything

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Also, a great thing about learning a skill — any skill — when you’re older is that you aren’t starting from zero. I know it feels like you are, but I promise you aren’t. Your past experiences can be helpful in ways you would never imagine.

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“We’re not stupid. Donald J. Trump is a genius.”

You can’t make it up...

So, the 15th and no lockdown. And here I was filling my garage with toilet paper. Maybe I could send it all to Billy TK so he can wipe his mouth with it.

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