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Day fifteen of lockdown; in your hour of need, mentors from the interwebs appear, imparting much needed inner-peace and tranquility.

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out of all the politics that you could disagree with her about you decide to get heated about a easter egg colouring in page made for children twitter.com/nz_hill/status/124

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Mara was looking very Dutch-master-y this morning.

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The battle to prevent Americans from understanding what went down January to April is going to be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in modern US history. nytimes.com/2020/04/05/us/coro Data erasure and the manufacture of mass confusion have already begun.

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My strongest memory about the first iPad is how much I loved playing the original Plants vs. Zombies on it.

Yay! @bnz@twitter.com app now supports split screen on iPad!

After being back on the X/XS/11 Pro sized phone for a few days, can confirm that this really is the perfect size for me.

If you’re wanting to obtain a copy yourself, here’s the official link:

Almost finished with the @CAH@twitter.com Family Edition BETA* setup.

* Some assembly required. Oven glove optional.

: one of my team working from home with cats this week, found that a couple of old keyboards beside him at the desk allowed the cats a place to sleep without interrupting his work.

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A tablet. A laptop. A desktop workstation.

For the past two years, I've been using the iPad Pro as a modular computer that can be all 3 at once.

Here's my story on how I did it:

Modular Computer macstories.net/stories/modular

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In case you’re wondering how homeschooling is going, my six year old asked me if snakes have long necks or long tails

Please help

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Gentleness and kindness are underrated character traits and ways of being these days. Yet in a world of bravado, posturing, and noise, they whisper to us - speaking calm, peace, and value to one another in the middle of the fray.

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“Business casual” is now a t-shirt and pajama pants.

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This is exactly what I’ve been trying to convey to my networks about the bad Zoom press and where it actually stands on a security scale. If you’ve talked to me about Zoom lately, please read this thread. twitter.com/hackingdave/status

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As we can't explore our local places at the moment, our enviro-educator has produced a special edition of our e-newsletter Seedlings, which has pulled together some activities for kids to explore nature in their backyards😀🌲🐦🐜 bit.ly/39xvlll

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