Wordle 465 4/6*


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New to me! You can longpress on the Download and Install button in Software Update on iOS to get options 😮

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In Australia, this football team just won the league championship.

Their captain went into the stands to get their waterboy, who has Down's Syndrome, so they could celebrate together.

🌏 🇦🇺

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My custard yellow mazda demio, number plate HFY572, got stolen in Seatoun at 0340 this morning. The car is very distinct, not only because it's custard yellow, but also because it has a small navy blue panel on the back right above the bumper. Please retweet welly twitter!

Was a bit, yes.

Wordle 464 3/6*


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BREAKING: Eliud Kipchoge breaks his own world record to win Berlin Marathon

Little known fact that @LAWA_nz was originally known as LAWNZ, and that it was yours truly who coined that name. LAWA sounds - and is - a *much* more profressional name, but no where near as funny. 😜

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Photo of the Day: Warboats arrive at Portsmouth Boat Park ready for their renaming ceremonies. The boats will be renamed HMS (His Majesty's Ship) from the current HMS (Her Majesty's Ship)

Each renaming ceremony will cost just £80,005 and last 3 days

Photographed from a Canberra


Wordle 462 4/6*


That almost ended badly!

Wordle 461 5/6*


Here's my occasional reminder that for democratic positions is still a very bad idea. Here's the comprehensive explanation: invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= or youtube.com/watch?v=abQCqIbBBe Here's the local explanation for us in Aotearoa NZ: davelane.nz/brakes-headlong-ru We need people to stop even thinking this is worth pursuing. Use technology where it's useful: to help engage and educate people so that they are inspired to vote and have an informed position on their preferred candidates.

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Every time this article does the rounds I retweet it because the more people that know, the better twitter.com/BrentToderian/stat

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In the past 2 years, one influenza strain (B/Yamagata) appears to have become extinct, and the rest are less genetically diverse. A welcome side effect of masking, social distancing, and improved hand hygiene. nature.com/articles/s41467-022

First guess helped a lot that time!

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Wordle 459 3/6*


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I laughed at this more than I prob should’ve. 🤣

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If anyone in Christchurch wants a kitchen - the people taking ours out for reuse have had a change in circumstances and now don’t want it. Free to a good home!! Black w bronze fleck granite island and benchtop, incl appliances. Only thing is - you must remove it but I’ll help!

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turns out the crime stats just out show there are fewer youth arrests and and convictions...NOW can we collectively decide we will not allow the Opposition to make our politics about fear and hysteria or the Gov to knee jerk adopt their Americanised justice policies? ✊

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