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Love code, puns and fashion? ✨ Cause I just finished this illustration that will be turned into limited quantity stickers!

Interested in potentially buying some? Lemme know in the comments and I’ll notify you when it’s uploaded to Etsy.

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It is estimated that 163,000 pints of Guinness are lost each year by being absorbed into facial hair: the average drinker takes 10 sips to sink a pint, of which 0.56 millilitres is trapped in the average moustache at each sip.

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*Nothing* has changed about iCloud in *years*. All of this has been covered *in depth* for *years*.

For 99% of people, 99% of the time, iCloud backup being fail safe is *better* than it being fail-secure.

Yet now half the internet is freaking out.

Social engineering attack…

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The latest blog post on "It's all about the data" is out today. Talking about any site is a good site to collect a bird checklist catnipmadness.github.io/nzatla

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Fascinating thread from an Internet disinformation campaign expert twitter.com/noupside/status/12

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Wanna see additional voicings for that chord in Magic? Soon you’ll be able to tap a chord in Selah Scales and see more voicings in Selah Chords. Which, if you’re on an iPad, can show side-by-side.

Download Selah… instagram.com/p/B7hQ9PBnP0b/?i

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Watching The Princess Bride the very first time loopu.in/2uitzpy


So cool to see this wee visitor today. We put this up to provide a safe space for the birds and they’ve been loving it. But to actually help out bees too is just awesome.

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Selah Scales is 40% off for ! Grab a new instrument and learn some scales for $2.99!


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Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it. I just want you

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Proud to be working on this app. Go have a look and tell us what you think. twitter.com/kinzoomessenger/st

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Donkeys provide a living to millions of Kenyans living in marginalised areas. to empower Kenyans put food on their tables. is one of your items. Please, make it happen.

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