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2/2 The flaming donkey. Also notice the small maze man is pointing to. Why??

From: bit.ly/2PtJFmG

“The corporate computing business may not be as sexy as consumer markets, but it's steady and profitable.”

// That’s because they’ve been steadily increasing prices for Enterprise licensing for years. It’s a captive audience.

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All the Neddy's are ready and waiting for Sunday's Virgin Money London Marathon. We'll all be cheering you on, both two-legged and four. Go Team Donkey...Yahoo! @DonkeySanctuary@twitter.com @LondonMarathon@twitter.com @sidmouth@twitter.com @donkey@twitter.com

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Failed automotive accessories No. 37. The Eiffel tow-er.

Please take 15 minutes and watch this TED talk in Vancouver last week, where Carole Cadwalladr called out the “Gods of Silicon Valley” including Mark Zuckerberg, who was in the audience.

Related article: theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/a


Huh. that there are folk who believe there are people climbing onto their roofs and using Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) to “attack’ their genitals in what they refer to as “prolonged violent sexual assault”.

Apparently these devices are also responsible for the melting of the polar ice caps, various wildfires and even the Notre Dame fire.

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I just saw AVENGERS: ENDGAME and you should not see this move if you don’t want to be spoiled. This movie is filled with spoilers! I can’t believe how many spoilers. Beware!

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"Our collective objective should be, to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence, or the disadvantage of anyone."
- Buckminster Fuller

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@jason_koebler@twitter.com @jack@twitter.com @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com @josephfcox@twitter.com That’s it, I’m moving to Canadian Twitter.

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Trump spent a "significant portion" of his meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey complaining that he was losing followers. washingtonpost.com/technology/

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Short, sharp (and early) wake up call for many across the region this morning. Who got out of bed?! twitter.com/mw_civildefence/st

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Expressing thoughts on block-coin and bit-chain....
Now ready to go look learned in a book shop.

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It's taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have a "band-aid" in my own skin tone. You can barely even spot it in the first image. For real I'm holding back tears.

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Well, actually, it’s only mansplaining if it comes from the Mansplain region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling misogyny.

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7 years ago, I suffered a stroke.

Having people around who understood the symptoms, saved my life. Thanks to the quick help I got, I am able to speak & move today.

Learn the 4 signs. They are easy to remember. Save a life.


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