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donkey ن

One of the weirdest things to happen to me so far - Saturday morning at the gym.

Bit of a worry really. 😨

RT The people who hid Anne Frank were breaking the law.

The people who killed her were following it.

“Following orders” “doing your job”, or “obeying the law” isn’t an excuse.


Lovely spot to stop and have lunch on the way home from . Just chillin’ in the back seat of the car.

Sunset at Palmerston North Airport. Just back from a day in Hamilton.

‘Why does my Samsung Galaxy 3(2016) keep making me answer twice?”
Just encountered this - the Flashlight app had taken over answering inbound calls. What a pile of crap.

RT National has just kicked off 🎉🎉🎉 we want to take the time to thank all of you who volunteer your time to make our region a great place to live, work and play. A big thank you to those involved in planting days this winter

RT New Facebook Notifications Alert Users When They Not Currently Looking At Facebook -

RT A colon in a sentence can make a massive difference.


Fred ate his own lunch after school.


Fred ate his own colon after school.


Father of the year !!!

Source: youtube

RT Just watched a couple of Old White Male cops question a group of Pacifc youths hanging at Frank Kitts Park.

Youth said they were dancers and started clapping a beat and dancing.

Then the cops danced.

They all danced.

They all laughed.

I wiped away a tear and moved on. Particularly thinking of you all. ❤️

For anyone out there needing encouragement; an acoustic cover of Pink’s “Perfect” by beautiful wifey.

RT Posted on a colleague's door...I can relate...although I still insist on teaching early morning me a sadist...I call it "welcome to the real world"...

RT Fact Check: Does this image show a toddler in a cage detained by ICE in 2018?

Full Report:

“For the life of me, I can not believe we’d ever die for these sins; we were merely trash men.”

The lyrics my brain heard just now, from a song on

RT Ah yes, the traditional wise words of a Japanese samurai warrior

RT As a precautionary measure we also have a crew on standby to deploy the Tangimoana floodgates for the Rangitikei River if necessary, and the Oroua levels may result in the Kopane spillway operating as well. Landowners will be notified via the automated call out system.

RT We also expect the SH56 at Opiki to close, if it hasn’t already. Our staff are closely monitoring the situation, and anticipate opening the Moutoa floodgates in the early hours of Wednesday morning. We have notified landowners in the spillway of the potential closure.