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RT If you are an Apple Watch owner who has/had a series 0 and upgraded to Series 4, plan to upgrade, or still use and have no plans to upgrade please DM me for a research interview.


RT The great Kererū count is upon us, have you spied Kererū in our region? 👀 Contribute to NZ's biggest citizen science project and help protect this special bird:

RT “HomeCam is gaining one of the most impressive and useful implementations of Siri shortcuts I've seen on the platform yet.” - (

RT I've been in IT since 1999, hold a BSc in computer science. Have worked for banks and ad agencies and I'm here to say: this is a risk to democracy in New Zealand

RT welcome to the age of female superheroes

So, remember the whole Newton “a special refund is being organised” msg? Turns out it was just a link to’s request a refund via iTunes which only works for 90 days. So, if you bought a sub more than 90 days before 30 Sept, you’re outta luck. 😔

RT welcome to the motel california
it’s the cheaper choice (such a cheaper choice)
hear your neighbor’s voice

RT Thank you *so much*.
The point of raising this is *not* to degrade *men*.
Rather, once I was reading a social media guide on how to connect to church members. The guide ACTUALLY SAID,
"Pinterest is only used by women, so you won't need to worry about it much."

RT Please help Rachel McGregor as she defends herself against the continuing harrasssment of Colin dumbarse Craig.

RT You may be right, too, but I don't mind that, since Apple clearly has decided that it's not just "ok" to upgrade every 2-3 years, they are now making that the preferred way to do it for them and most users. the "every year dammit need toys" crowd isn't driving this agenda now

Hey there & - is there any way to stop the “shortcut says” text when running a speak text action in Shortcuts?

RT Mobile Refresh 2018

Chats with nearly all the 2018 Mobile Refresh speakers and organisers during the conference held in Wellington on 7th September. This was the third annual conference that sees itself growing and growing - don’t miss out on 2019.

RT The closest you can get to knowing what it’s like to be a ghost is listening to a podcast where the hosts are trying to remember a piece of trivia that you know

RT No reviews are mentioning iPhones XS, XR, and Watch 4 are the most secure iOS devices ever.

A12 and S4 devices now:
- use ARM signed pointers for all Apple software
- have new physical anti-replay counter circuit in Secure Enclave
- mitigate USB DFU hijacking in enclave firmware

RT If you missed it yesterday the iOS 12 Security guide was posted. Love that I get to work with people who are so passionate about user privacy and security.

Kate Sheppard was an incredible woman - leading the WCTU to be a major force in achieving voting rights for women in NZ.