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So let me get this straight…

Texting while walking:
- Inconsiderate
- Reckless
- Might get you written up by a major newspaper

Reading a book while walking:
- Strange, no question
- Most peculiar
- Might get you sung about in provincial France

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Toolbox Pro is now available to download for free! 🎉

More than 50 powerful new tools for Shortcuts.

🌐 Global variables
📷 Image filtering
📡 NFC read + write

To celebrate the launch, I'll give 3 retweeters of this tweet premium later today ✨


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The viral video of a "wild" beluga playing fetch is not what it seems. This is likely Hvaldimir, a once captive whale who may have escaped a Russian military program. Alone, malnourished, and injured, H. roams the seas, seeking food & attention from people twitter.com/SteveStuWill/statu

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Anyone that has an iPhone or iPad and plays , , , , or want to test a scales app?

Hit me and retweet!

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No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale... 😮

Beautiful wifey just made this heartfelt rendition of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All” soundcloud.com/charlotte-webb-

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The US military produces more greenhouse gasses than most industrialized countries and you’re going to blame.... asthmatics.... twitter.com/time/status/119178

It’s 2019 and the Facebook/messenger iOS apps still don’t support drag and drop.... 🙄

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We're celebrating one of our biosecurity champions, Didymo Dave, who has been recognised at this week’s New Zealand Biosecurity Awards for his remarkable efforts to stop the spread of freshwater pests. Congratulations and it is very well deserved: bit.ly/2Nk6nOv

“The harbour is an ironing board:
Flat iron tugs dash smoothing toward
Any shirt of a ship, any pillowslip
If a freighter they decree
Must be ironed flat as washing from the sea.”

May your travels away today be… instagram.com/p/B4gOt8yhBKl/?i

“Where the physical and the digital meet: that’s the phygital.”

“Enterprise Level Problems, Enterprise level solutions, startup level budget and resources.”

That’s Local Government.

Mōrena team! Don’t forget to bring along your spare hotel toiletries this morning - just drop them at the registration desk. Have a great day!

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"OK Boomer" only works on Boomers from Google. If your Boomer is from Apple, you have to say "Hey, Boomer." If it's from Amazon, you can simply preface your instruction with "Boomer", e.g. "Boomer, stop."

“Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a DISCIPLINE!” -@drpaulwood@twitter.com

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