Wifey saved up to buy this Mustang turntable from @JBHiFi.

First album spinning now. Stayin’ Alive.

A song for our time! @covid19nz

My eldest is selling his baby. Sad to see her go but wil do someone’s else very very well

2008 Ford Mondeo | Trade Me Motors bit.ly/3Fe6hRt

Loving my new purple yarn background - perfectly suits the purple 12 mini!

How cool is that! JavaScript on the command line!
jsc: My New Best Friend • bit.ly/3DgKesv

Results of latest home recording session: Mrs Donkey with a cover of Monsters by Mr @JamesBlunt.

Very close to her heart this one as she lost her Dad late last year and was unable to see him or attend his funeral due to medical reasons.


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If a @LEGO_Group@twitter.com Mario firmware update fails, does that mean it becomes…


( •_•)>⌐■-■


…Bricked? twitter.com/JonyIveParody/stat

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We stopped the J&J Vaccine rollout for less deaths than this one single shooting.

WE NEED GUN CONTROL twitter.com/bbcworld/status/13

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E te iwi tahuri mai rā ki te kaupapa nei kia rongo ai i ō kōrero, i ō whakaaro e pā ana ki te nohonga Māori. We are seeking your views and thoughts on Māori representation. Fill out our short survey before 8am 10 May at haveyoursay.horizons.govt.nz

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if i lay here
if i just lay here
could i just lay here
please just let me lay here i'm so tired all the time

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One church locked out of a building because they can't see fit to obey the law during a time of pandemic, does not an "Underground church" make.
Quit insulting the true underground churches in China and Iran. John MacArthur, you are embarrassing yourself and us.

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This was taken on an iPhone XR, which doesn’t have a wide angle lens, by using the panorama feature with the phone in landscape and moving it vertically- a trick most people don’t know about.

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