This (see "Will my information be secure?") is disappointing. Using Microsoft anything, outside the NZ jurisdiction, does not fill me with any confidence. Why not store it with NZ-based/owned/tax paying firms in cloud facilities onshore in Aotearoa NZ?! Why does our government seem so committed to being a patsy to US multinationals? Why is the gov't position so out-of-touch with the precautionary principle? It's not cost, as NZ clouds are cost competitive with Azure.


And the person that negotiated the current MCSSA agreement with the Govt on behalf of Microsoft now works for the Min of Health... the only Govt agency on record as an MS only shop...

@carl_klitscher yuck. Doesn't the gov't digital strategy want to build "trust" as one of its key goals? If so, health's tripped at the first hurdle.

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