fsck again...

and again...

Boots and not boots...

Buy new HDD

dd full drive fails.

need to create additional partition... partition fills spot on new disk but is smaller than original... discover -c=dos parameter for fdisk. can't create new partition at same start point as old partition...


because old partition table says last partition starts 183Mb *before* the end of the previous partition... so the last 183Mb of one partition is overlaid on the first 183Mb of the next one.

That could be a problem. Might even cause some random corruption requiring the use of fsck...

new start and end point calculated for last new partition. fdisk -c=dos create partition.

dd partitions one at a time...

Aaaannnd... the physical sector size has changed on the new drive so they are now all misaligned...

Supposedly it doesn't matter that much but we are all OCD in some form or another so I'm doing it all over again!

Recalc all partitions to start on 4k boundary
dd all individually bar one.
mount/cp the last one.
reboot... to rescue. no grub loader.
download latest rescue.
reboot. mount, chroot, grub2-install.

And. We are back.

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