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Surprise surprise. Personally owned scooters probably not as bad (less vandalism, no driving around to collect and charge, no internet overhead to manage). :
(rental) Electric scooters aren't as eco-friendly as they seem, study finds

With current interest in maps of NZ vs Europe, here is an accurate antipodeal overlay

and here is a side-by-side that you can pan and zoom.

Don't forget the Chathams opposite Montpellier...

Oh, of course there'd be a 30 page terms of service to "read" and sign before you gain entry.

Every now and then you'll be ejected from the tent and have to provide your password to regain entry.
Conversely, if you leave voluntarily, you'll be followed and questioned/urged to come back into the tent.

What else do you think could happen?

Once you sit down there will be people with microphones and cameras poking them into the middle of your conversations, if questioned, reply "don't mind me, this is all kept quite secure"
Someone will butt in and deliver an advertisement.

I've been imagining a "social networking" tent/performance at an event. Seed it with a few celebs/ cool people.
In order to enter, you must give your real name, show ID, be fingerprinted and come up with a password at least 8 disparate characters.

First steps in migrating my blog from wordpress to Nikola on gitlab. So far so good - ugly but functional:

Perhaps rubbish trucks should be accompanied by a responsible adult who can make sure they don't do something dangerous?


One of the interesting things about being my age now is being able to recall the advent of the ubiquity of plastics. In the early 50s, any injection-molded plastic object was an aggressively modern novelty.



Thanks to Japan's strict recycling culture, less than 5% of the country’s rubbish ends up in landfills



Today is World
A day that sadly happens earlier and earlier each year.
That means that today we’ve globally used up the worlds annual resources. The rest of the year we are stealing from future generations and poorer parts of the world.


That @ didn't do what I wanted


I meant to heap praise on for blazingly fast Debian mirror. Thanks 🐘


I meant to heap praise on for blazingly fast Debian mirror. Thanks @fsmgnz

Just updated my laptop from Debian 9 to 10 in-place and survived. 😅
Keeping / and /home on different volumes was a good idea...

"Redbus celebrates [Christchurch's] first electric bus service" - Not the first: I definitely remember the yellow central city shuttle service started 20 years ago.

You've heard of the movfuscator(1), but did you hear of trapcc(0)?

> This is a proof by construction that the Intel MMU's fault handling mechanism is Turing complete.

> out of the many virtual machines only Bochs runs such trap based programs correctly



Nice find - keeping up with the trends... I still like a real book! 500+ pages and > 1kg I can feel how much I have to learn ;)


I'm pleased to launch Run Your Own Social, a guide book to running a small social network server to replace things like, well, Twitter. This is full of best practices from my year of actually doing this. It's about SOCIAL, not technical, solutions.


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