US centric, but applies to NZ too
"It ain't over till it is over - SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly mutating and recombining, and more variants and subvariantsβ€”potentially more pathogenicβ€”are on the horizon. The world is still barely vaccinated, and even in wealthy countries like the United States, resources are inequitably distributed. It absolutely ain’t over. And this is no time to drop the ball."


Carved in stone on the side of the Boston public library:
"The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty."

@lightweight these (were on sale) I have problem with Achilles tendon that means high ankle boots are very painful, hence the choice of these shoes.

This year's Eurovision winner just released a video for the orchestral song version, and it literally made me cry tears 😒

@Br3nda Not specific to this post, but is it now impossible to see anything on instagram without being logged in?

@JamesGleick wondering why on earth Texans would need to be running dryers in that weather...

So, the NZ road death toll for 2021 was 319, and there was (rightfully so) OUTRAGE!

At today's covid death rate that's just 11 days!

11 days!

and yet somehow we should just "learn to live with it".

that's an OUTRAGE!


NZ : "On the 29 deaths reported today:
Two people were in their 20s, three in their thirties, three in their fifties, four in their sixties, six in their seventies, three in their eighties and eight over the age of ninety."

Just a cold huh? Keep wearing your f**ing masks people! Stay home if you're sick.
A disaster that unfolds slower than a soundbite is too boring for us... No wonder dealing with climate change also seems beyond us.


Our mass transit people could learn something from the Irish!

[ok, I know it’s not real, but still]


Dublin Bus is adopting a new Ride or Die policy, which means if you don’t give up the car and all get the bus, we’re all going to fucking die.

@Br3nda to be clear, I've done my own squirming around in the dust with my nose pressed to the floor joists down to 25cm clearance. Glad there wasn't a quake while I was in that spot...

@Br3nda is this what we have kids for?
If 35cm is to the bearer underside, it is not terrible. If it is to joists, yes pretty tight. You need a skinny, non-claustrophobic operator.

I've done a brief write up of my experience over the last 2 weeks with the influx of sign ups and expansion of πŸ˜ƒ (I'm by no means a writer/blogger! Just documenting bits and pieces)

#mastoadmin #hosting #selfhosting #selfhost

For a community, you *have* to ban early and ban often, and defederate early and often.

As an admin, it's your job to protect the ✨vibes✨ of your space, to promote community, and to remove elements that are toxic or harmful.

A service doesn't work the same way. It isn't attempting to create (or promote) a specific vibe, it's just *there*. You make of it what you will, find what you will, and (as an end user) block what you will.

The admin "just" makes the service available.

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I just blogged about Elon, Free Speech, Mastodon, and the Polestar which looks like a very nice car.

@futuresprog welcome back. Quite a few people joined here wanting to get away from I think.
Check out

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