TIL that you can adopt a unicode character and that Catalyst IT is a gold sponsor of the copyleft symbol 🄯 unicode.org/consortium/adopted

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Americans be like global warming is not real but like its their rivers that's gonna be fiction soon

(california 3 years ago vs 3 month vs today)

Just saw this while browsing a job ad: "Our client is looking for nice-natured, bubbly, dexterous & meek candidates" meek? MEEK? What on earth?

I'm not a fan of religion, but have to say that the contrast between this Auckland church becoming a vaccination centre and what I hear about evangelicals in the USA is stark. tvnz.co.nz/shows/seven-sharp/c

"When one door closes another opens" - that explains why it is always cold and draughty in the house...

Seems all the news channels assume we know what sport the "OlyWhites" play. It is football BTW

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Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

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"[free software is] free as in 'free puppies', not 'free beer'. Adopting open source solutions, like adopting a puppy, involves some time spent on care and feeding."

, found this passage yesterday while reading Trevor Owens's "the theory and craft of digital preservation" and I won't stop thinking about it for a while, probably

Why are my toaster elements live even when the lever is up?

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@vik wait until your neural lace needs an update...

@robertfromont Great thread thanks Robert, I don't think I've read all of those yet. The Dispossesed and Paradises Lost are two of my favourites from your list.

@lightweight IMO feijoas aren't ready to eat until they fall naturally (or after a gentle shake of the tree)

Just gathered the last of the feijoa crop here in Christchurch

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