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OERu joins forces with @COL4D@twitter.com, @unescoiite@twitter.com and @icde_org@twitter.com to establish a global support group to assist institutions transitioning to online learning during the crisis. Please join our support group: oer4covid.oeru.org/

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As always, Naomi Wu has thought things through and researched properly. Well done!

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This is a DIY PAPR (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powered_) HEPA filtered air is blown in under pressure, exhalation passes through a check valve and is directed out the P100 3M filter. Potentially for high-risk environments- testing it without a CO2 sensor is also a good way to kill yourself.

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Clearing out the filing cabinet, a March 2000 receipt from Harvey Norman for Redhat linux 6.1 $199

2 years later, a 20GB hard drive for the same price... (now 4TB for the same price)

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: An officer is seen pointing a handgun towards a crowd of participants in a pro-Uighur rally held on Sunday evening at Edinburgh Place after one of them attempted to remove and burn a Chinese national flag raised at the nearby City Hall.

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A new? thunderbird feature I encountered today. Easing the avoidance of tracking links...

Local pharmacy offering "erectile dysfunction" as a service. Perhaps an alternative to other forms of contraception? ΒΏHow is it supplied?

Someone having a bad day at Hansen park.
One minute flying erratically, next minute on the ground - OK.
Then next minute I turn around and see...

O.o This is cool stuff!

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Me, half an hour ago, unenlightened: I wonder if @hydra_patterns@twitter.com is any good?

Me, now: This, my friends... this is High Art:

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Thanks to Japan's strict recycling culture, less than 5% of the country’s rubbish ends up in landfills

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Today is World
A day that sadly happens earlier and earlier each year.
That means that today we’ve globally used up the worlds annual resources. The rest of the year we are stealing from future generations and poorer parts of the world.

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Nice find @ChristchurchLib@twitter.com - keeping up with the trends... I still like a real book! 500+ pages and > 1kg I can feel how much I have to learn ;)

The dog we are looking after has been scavenging. Clearly firelighters weren't very palatable...

OK drone control-system designers ... observe awesome nature!

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Just look at that head stabilisation! Male kestrel hunting at South Stack, Anglesey yesterday.

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