Why are my toaster elements live even when the lever is up?

Just gathered the last of the feijoa crop here in Christchurch

I didn't seek these things, but all have come into my (temporary) possession during the last month from different places...

Nearly busted my boiler getting up here, but worth the effort.

Does this rooftop writing in the movie "Two Distant Strangers" actually exist? If so, was it put there for the movie?

T-shirt labelling done right - none of that irritate-the-back-of-the-neck plastic shit. Thanks cactusoutdoor.co.nz/

Hotter, and hotter and hotter...
The increasing trend is about to end I hope.
(Interestig side note, house thermal delay is about 6 hours)

The dishwasher (Haier, 16yo) was stuck running in the middle of the wash cycle.
diagnosis: water failing to heat up.
suspicion: element failure.
actual culprit: the over-temperature cutout has itself failed and got too hot to the point of melting itself.
Bypassed until I can find a suitable replacement...

Omega rental cars are confused about the 24 hour clock: 16:00 pm ?

Late christmas present (to self and family) finally arrived!

Twitter's home page has two login buttons that do different things 🤷‍♂️

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